Make your home fancy, classy and retro inspired by choosing a mid century table. Whether you choose a vintage one, you make an old one seem like new or choose a modern mid century table; these models go anywhere so here are six gorgeous ideas for your dreamy home:

1. Dining time

The dining space is super important in a home, it’s the connection between the kitchen and living room and it’s also that inviting spot in which your guests love to hang and have dinner parties. So, when you choose a mid century dining table, go for a round one and choose a cool one for a Scandinavian or minimal home or go with a golden or marble model for an extravagant home.

2. Golden elements

When talking about the mid century style and the perfect coffee table, there are two ways to go. You can choose a classic coffee table in a vintage gold shade, or go for one made out of wood. Also you can pick an actual coffee table, inspired from a Paris coffee corner and make your home fabulous and unique.

3. The elegant desk

If you cherish your desk or have an elegant and masculine home, a mid century inspired desk is just perfect for you. Also, it doesn’t need a lot of space to fit and has a beautiful minimal design. Match it with a vintage inspired chair or a very elegant desk chair and work in style!

4. Retro look

A mid century table is perfect also as a nightstand, so choose a retro one made out of wood or pick a round golden one for a chic bedroom space. Add around it retro paintings, cool light bulbs or even a fabulous mid century inspired chandelier to create this fancy vibe in the whole room.

5. The cool factor

When picking the perfect coffee table for your home, if you have a classic neutral home, then go for a really cool and unique model. Also, make it shine and choose a model that has silver or golden details. Decorate it in a retro and elegant way and add also a vase of seasonal flowers on top of it.

6. Classy style

If you have a very spacious home, choose a squared mid century inspired table and match it with identical mid century chairs. This corner will be perfect for a family dinner a fabulous party with an Old Hollywood vibe.


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