Are you working from home? Do you have a space of your own where you can concentrate and do an awesome job? Having a working space is a really important thing to consider if you’re working at home. Also, having a very cute and inspirational space will bring you concentration and great ideas, not to mention getting rid of procrastination ?

I’ve been searching for a while for some great home office inspiration because, as a blogger, most of my work is done at home. Today I want to share with you the gems  I have found.

Set a mono chromatic theme to your desk for a very clean and sharp look and add accent details to make it more personal. The white palette will help you concentrate and feel inspired.


A hard wooden desk will give your work space a very industrial look which is a big trend right now. The technology on your desk will make it look extra modern and sharp.

If you are into the more vintagey type of work space then this one it the one for you! The elegant golden details will provide you with extra inspiration and it’s a great place to exhibit all your vintage decor pieces.


This next office space has a feminine touch given its pinky hues. It’s a very simple space that looks both professional and cozy. you can personalize it by adding various pieces of wall art and plants.

Your work space at home doesn’t necessarily need to be a desk. Add a twist to a home office by using a very generous table for a minimal and clean looking space that will help you meet all those deadlines you’ve got gaining up on you.


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