Floor vases are an exceptionally flexible decoration for any room in the home – unbound by tables or surfaces, they can be placed in any spot that could use an added touch of personality. In this post, we’ve collected a range of floor vases in every style and for every purpose. Some are sealed vases that can be used with water for large fresh cuttings while others are unsealed for use with dried or artificial plants. Whether you’re excited to jump on the pampas grass trend or just want to add a little extra greenery to forgotten corners, you just might find your new favorite floor vase in this design-forward compilation.

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Echasse Smoked Glass Floor Vase: This exquisitely crafted design is part of the iconic Echasse collection by Theresa Rand, a series of mouth-blown vessels inspired by test tubes and elevated by sophisticated brass stilts. Use with fresh cuttings, dry cuttings, or allow its beauty to stand alone.

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Kubus White Floor Vase: Danish designer Søren Lassen drew inspiration from the Bauhaus design movement to create the stately Kubus Nolia floor vase, its stable framing and curvaceous vase serving as a perfect marriage between form and function. This design is also available in matte black.

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Amphora Floor Vase with Stand: Designed to mimic the shape of a Roman amphora modernized in glossy white, this distinctive vase provides striking decorative potential even when empty. The black-finished tripod base helps to keep the vessel stable for practical everyday display.

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White Ceramic Floor Vase with Feather Print: This beautiful ceramic floor vase features a hand-painted feather motif for an added pop of artful appeal. This piece measures at 24 inches in height for versatile placement.


Black Bamboo Floor Vase: It’s hard to go wrong with a classic. This sophisticated floor vase is crafted from sustainable bamboo, finished in a rich glossy black finish for easy coordination with contemporary and traditional interior styles alike. Use with dry cuttings only.

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Black and White Dotted Floor Vase: Playful polka dots give this ceramic floor vase a strong personality sure to shine within an eclectic interior theme. This piece is available in two sizes – select one to use on its own or pair both together to enjoy an effortlessly coordinated set.

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Black and White Extra Large Floor Vase: This sculptural floor vase is crafted from weighty terracotta for dependable stability and strength. The surface is finished in white, then decorated with abstract sponge patterns for a pop of contrast in black.

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Striped White and Black Floor Vase: Designed by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft for Danish ceramics company Kähler, the Omaggio vase presents a striking modern take on Nordic simplicity. This piece features a wide base for stability and smooth curves for sculptural appeal, the surface decorated with hand-painted stripes to capture the eye even from across the room.


White and Gold Floor Vase Set: Embrace a modern geometric look anywhere in the home with this gorgeous ceramic vase set. The honeycomb trellis pattern that plays across each surface is lightly raised to play with light and shadow, finished in radiant gold for a dazzling luxurious gleam.

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Grooved Resin White Floor Vase: The shapely silhouette of this floor vase is accentuated by deep grooves that run from top to bottom, its minimalistic white finish adorned with the shadows that playfully fill each valley. This piece is available in three sizes – mix and match to create your ideal decorative arrangement.


Geometric Large White Floor Vase: Ranging in size from 17 inches to 27 inches in height, these small floor vases are perfect for pairing together as a set to create a custom arrangement. Each one is expertly crafted from ceramic with a textural geometric pattern that mimics the look of origami.

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Jug-Style White Floor Vase: These beautiful white ceramic vases are handcrafted in Portugal. Each one features a deep indentation on one side that plays with light and shadow. The other side is smooth for a more minimalist look. Select from three sizes or bundle all three together.

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Painted Mango Wood Floor Vase: This extra tall floor vase is carved from natural mango wood and then painted in a distressed white finish. The lines of the opening droop downward to create an almost accordion-like illusion. Select from two sizes to suit your chosen placement.


Bohemian White Wicker Floor Vase: Woven from wicker and finished in a distressed white, this small floor vase is perfect for bohemian and coastal interior themes. Select from a wide range of sizes. Use on its own or fill with lightweight botanical accents. Smooth stones may be added to the bottom to support heavier displays.

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Tall Wood Floor Vase Set of 2: These carved wood vases are sold as a set, with the taller measuring at an impressive 37 inches. Each one is finished with a whitewashed treatment – a natural fit for interior themes like coastal, nautical, farmhouse, and shabby chic.

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Natural Wood Floor Vase: The rugged Topanga vase by Jamie Young is sculpted from wood, lightly finished to let the natural grain shine through with clarity. No two are exactly alike.

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Wavy Ceramic Floor Vase: Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal first expressed the Drift vase in carefully sculpted wood, then translated the design to warm textural ceramic. Light and shadow flow smoothly across the beige surface to create a calming aesthetic for your most cherished interior placements.

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Perforated Ceramic Floor Vase: Rich texture elevates this simple ceramic vase into an enchanting work of art. This piece features open perforations for a lightweight look, ideal for display on its own or filled with your favorite dry botanical cuttings.


Handwoven Floor Vase Basket Decoration: This shapely floor vase is handwoven from natural seagrass for sustainable casual styling – a perfect fit for interior themes like nautical, bohemian chic, and more. Display empty or fill with tall lightweight grasses.

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Venus Williams Gold Floor Vase: Tennis legend Venus Williams has been making waves on the pages of shelter magazines with her impressive interior design work, and she also has a decor line all her own. Her beautiful floor vase merges globally-influenced design with everyday luxury, a sophisticated piece made from textural cast aluminum in a dramatic brass plated finish.

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Rustic Floor Vase Set of 3: Galvanized metal gives this vase set a cool industrial look well-suited to rustic, farmhouse, and rugged contemporary interior themes. Each set includes three vases in differing heights and widths for effortless coordination. They can be displayed together or spread throughout the home.


Galvanized Metal Distressed Grey Floor Vase: This unique galvanized floor vase features an industrial look, carefully distressed for a worn and vintage look. This piece is available in two sizes, the tallest measuring at a stately 25 inches.


Metallic Tall Floor Vase: This cast aluminum vase is a true work of art, offering an eye-catching look without overwhelming surrounding decor. Fill with cuttings, peacock feathers, tall grasses, branches, or allow this sculptural design to stand on its own.

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Mosaic Mirrored Floor Vase: Looking for a way to add a little glitz and glamour to your interior? This oversized floor vase is covered in a mosaic of mirrored facets that gleam in the light – and if placed just right, the light will actually bounce off these facets and cast a starlike glimmer all around.

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Georg Jensen Silver Floor Vase: Internationally-recognized designer Alfredo Häberli created the Alfredo vase with pure material artistry in mind. This piece is formed from stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, every curve flowing smoothly to showcase its excellent craftsmanship.

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Gold Metallic Floor Vase Set of 3: Crafted from intricately carved wood and finished in a glamorous gold, these floor vases are sure to enhance the elegance of a contemporary decor theme. Each set includes three vases each in a different size.

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Water Drop Clear Floor Vases: The gorgeous Water Drop Jug is a design by renowned glassblower Justin Parker – a piece inspired by a drop of water suspended in freefall. Select from three sizes each in a different tint. Of course, these designer floor vases look incomparable when displayed together as a set.

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Collect Taupe Clear Glass Floor Vase: Transparent glass vases provide practical functionality despite their relative fragility – they allow for a clear view of the entire botanical cutting down to the stem, they hold water securely without leaks, and they provide a weightless look that does not feel like a heavy addition to your decor. This piece is a design by Space Copenhagen, made for &Tradition.

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Spun Bamboo Rich Red Floor Vase: Floor vases offer a flexible way to infuse your interior with color – sometimes through the botanical materials you put in them, and other times with the vase itself. This sustainable bamboo floor vase is finished in a glossy red, offering so many tones to draw from for endless coordination possibilities.

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Bright Orange Floor Vase Set of 3: These striking trumpet vases are handmade from resin one at a time for artisanal appeal. The bright orange finish makes this three-piece set a fantastic collection for displaying alone, but also offers a range of flattering pairing possibilities depending on the botanical materials you display within.

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Water Swirl Green Floor Vase: Traditional mouthblown construction is used to create incredible fluid-like variations in the surface of this beautiful floor vase – minor differences make each one a unique work of art. At just over 18 inches tall, this unique vase design can be displayed on the floor or on a table.

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Hand-Glazed Turquoise Floor Vase: Brilliant turquoise glaze streaks through a versatile base of ivory, grounded by rich black toward the bottom. This floor vase is handcrafted from durable ceramic for a lifetime of beauty with proper care.

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Clear Glass Teal Floor Vase: This oversized bottle-shaped floor vase is ideal for casual interior themes like farmhouse, coastal, and bohemian chic. The transparent glass features a light teal hue – also available in grey to coordinate with neutral contemporary themes.

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Unico Blue Floor Vase: Anders Arhøj designed the brilliant Unico Vase in 2017, yet its organic form and rich coloration is sure to prove timeless. This porcelain vase features a heavy glaze with a speckled application that lends an almost cloudlike appearance. This piece is also available in white.

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Broste Copenhagen Organic Floor Vase: Broste Copenhagen offers an abstract take on the floor vase with this substantial design. The unique Organic vase features playful asymmetries and an irregular surface, finished in glossy apple cinnamon to continue its natural theme. Each one is made from durable stoneware for stability, weight, and style.

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Geometric Patterned Ceramic Floor Vase: Formed from heavyweight ceramic and then carved with intricate geometric detailing, these floor vases offer ample decorative appeal even when empty. Cutout handles on either side allow for easier movement when it’s time to clean or rearrange. Choose from two sizes.

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Blue Grey Floor Vase Set of 3: Gentle ombre coloration makes these white, blue, and grey floor vases more flexible to coordinate. Each is handcrafted from durable iron, the wavering raised ridges finished in gold for a pop of glamour to elevate their distressed rustic styling. Each set includes three vases.

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Black, White, and Brown Floor Vase: Bold detailing elevates every aspect of this large ceramic floor vase. The top portion features a brilliant metallic ombre, the middle band boasting a field of sunflowers, and the lower half decorated with sweeping stripes that crisscross their way to the floor.

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Iridescent 36 Inch Floor Vase: This well-sized floor vase is crafted from heavy ceramic stoneware for excellent stability, but the finish is where this impressive piece really shines. Under certain lighting, this piece shines like metallic silver. In other conditions, an iridescent snakeskin effect brings a kaleidoscope of color to the surface.

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Hammered Copper Floor Vase: This brushed aluminum floor vase features a deeply faceted texture to give the surface a hammered look. This piece is available in two sizes and three metallic finishes – copper, silver, and gold.


Black and Gold Large Floor Vase: Durable iron construction ensures this tall floor vase will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Each one is handcrafted with distressed black coloration over silky gold, an artfully glamorous addition to a wide variety of interior styles.


Handcrafted Gold Floor Vase: This unique floor vase is made from natural mango wood that has been spun to produce a textural grooved surface, then finished in metallic gold for a touch of casual luxury. This piece is also available in silver, white, and rich brown.

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Distressed Aluminum Floor Vase: Exceptionally heavy construction ensures this distressed metal vase will withstand the wear and tear of an active home life. The weathered effect lends an antique look, making this piece ideal for contemporary and classic interior themes alike.

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Dark Grey Ceramic Floor Vase: Sculpted ceramic construction lends this floor vase substantial heft for dependable stability, the surface finished in an elegant yet rugged ombre that would suit industrial and contemporary interior themes. Select from two sizes to best suit your desired placement.


Sculptural Dark Grey Floor Vase: Create a gallery-quality arrangement all your own with coordinated pieces from the Sphere Vase collection by 101 Copenhagen. Each one is hand-sculpted from ceramic – this collection includes six shapes to mix and match at will. For standalone placement, the Tall model pictured here is the best suited for placement on the floor.

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Tiered Designer Floor Vase: Get creative with your dried botanical arrangements using the Amel vase by Aurélien Barbry. This design features nested cylinder elements for a tiered aesthetic, allowing separation between the materials you choose to display within. This piece is expertly crafted from matte glazed ceramic.

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Kristina Dam Studio Beige Floor Vase: The terracotta Dome Vase Collection by Kristina Dam Studio encompasses a range of shapely vessels, each finished with a textural engobe slip finish for a soft and diffused aesthetic. Each vase in this collection is fully glazed on the interior to support the water required for fresh cuttings.

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Muuto Ridge Terracotta Floor Vase: Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela designed the gorgeous Ridge floor vase for the Helsinki-based Studio Kaksikko. This piece is a true work of art, sculpted from terracotta with the richly textured exterior left unglazed. The large model is more than substantial enough for floor placement and includes depressions on either side that can be used like handles. A narrow opening allows for the linear arrangement of botanical cuttings, promoting creative possibilities for decorative display.

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Klong Skott Brass Floor Vase: Create a forest of your favorite cuttings with the extra-tall Skott vase by Broberg & Ridderstråle. This stately design is crafted from solid brass in a radiant finish – elevating any plant cuttings toward the ceiling like a small tree.


Indoor Outdoor Low Concrete Floor Vase: The large version of the Kanji flowerpot makes an excellent vase that can be used indoors or outdoors. Each one is made from durable cement in a stylish ombre finish that coordinates well with so many decor themes.

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Kartell 64 Inch Very Tall Floor Vase: Outdoors, the Misses Flower Power Vase provides an architecturally inspired look. Indoors, this powerful design stands as an artistic statement piece. This oversized floor vase stands at over 65 inches in height to capture attention from across any room or courtyard. This distinctive design is the result of collaboration between powerhouse designers Eugeni Quitllet and Philippe Starck.

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