Want your home to feel fresh and breezy? Who doesn’t!? After all, even the best home design can be stifled by stagnant air. Stand up fans are great in a pinch when you need to get the air flowing, but they can be undesirable longterm since they have a tendency to tie up valuable floor or tabletop space. On the other hand, ceiling fans don’t have that problem. They provide optimal airflow, don’t require storage, and don’t hog prime space. So, whether its time to swap out some dusty outdated fans or you just like the idea of a stylish and space-conscious way to keep your home feeling comfortable, our collection is here to make ceiling fan shopping a breeze!

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Wood Finish Twisted Leaf Ceiling Fan With Light: If you want a ceiling fan that is simple yet intriguing, then give your decor a bit of a twist with this curvy option. With its maple constructed body it is well-suited for Scandinavian homes or spaces that crave a refined earthy touch. Available in 12 colors.

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5 Blade Walnut Finished Ceiling Fan With Light: Another curved wood blade design by Minka Aire. This 5 blade walnut fan looks like a flower in bloom, slowly unfurling its petals. Beyond its unique aesthetic, it also has six speeds, a reverse function, and remote-controlled functionality. Available in 3 colors: Silver, White, or Distressed Koa (shown).

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Spiraling Leaf Brushed Nickel Finish Ceiling Fan With Light: Or maybe you love the look of curved blades but wood doesn’t fit in with your decor? In that case, this brushed nickel ceiling fan should be taken into consideration. Plus, this particular spiraling leaf design ensures that airflow isn’t felt directly underneath—like many models—but instead the breeze stems out and flows to all sides of the room. Also available in Black or Bronze.

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Bent Molded Leaf Ceiling Fan With Light: Love the look of wood molded blades but are looking for an option that is a bit more budget-conscious? This 3 blade wood fan holds all the appeal of the more expensive options, but at a cheaper price point.

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Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Light: This simple and sleek fan sports straight blades, a hugger motor, a low profile, and LED lighting. Plus, it also features remote control functionality and is available in Brown, Brushed Nickel, or White (shown).

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Modern Black Ceiling Fan With Light: A simple ceiling fan that will meld with a variety of decor styles, but lends itself particularly well to modern spaces. This affordable option includes a lifetime motor warranty and a remote that does everything from control fan speed to dim the lights—and all for under $150.

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Modern White Ceiling Fan With Light: Another modern ceiling fan, but this time on the lighter end of the color spectrum. This bright and fresh fan will blend into most basic white ceilings, while providing the airflow you want without the noise you don’t.

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Red Ceiling Fan With Light: Add a cherry on top your room’s design with this red beauty that is modern, easy to build, and energy-efficient. It’s the perfect addition to a room that craves bold style without sacrificing functionality.

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Modern Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote: A brand you trust and a design you’ll love, this Honeywell ceiling fan is a triple threat: Minimalist, remote-controlled, and affordable. Its 3 blade design gives it a simplistic look that is basic enough not to steal the limelight—but that doesn’t mean that it won’t look stunning on any ceiling! Available in 3 colors: Brushed Nickel, White, or Bronze (shown).

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Wood Finish Ceiling Fan With Light: The ultra-popular Hunter fan may have a Mid-Century vibe thanks to its mint light shade and blonde oak blades, but its functionality is all modern. Its WhisperWind motor delivers powerful air movement without any excess noise, plus its blade pitch has been carefully crafted to ensure optimal air movement and peak performance.

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Novelty Ceiling Fan With Fancy Leaves And Light: With encouraging reviews like “THE most impressive fan I’ve ever seen… absolutely gorgeous!” and “Unbelievable power in the fan itself, beautiful modern look.” you know that this fan aims to wow—and completely succeeds. This fan features a unique design, a color-changing light, and it is available in multiple colors.

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48 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light: Recessed lighting gives this wood 3 blade fan a sleek and uniform look. We love its rich color and texture that will surely add instant warmth to any room. But if dark brown isn’t for you, this design is also available in 11 other colors.

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Unique Loop Shaped Ceiling Fan With Dimmable Light: Love all things unique? Because we sure do! That’s why we were instantly drawn to this looped ceiling fan. It has an LED dimmable light, two silver molded ABS blades, and a brushed nickel motor to tie it all together.

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Single Leaf Ceiling Fan With Light: Sometimes less is more and that is definitely the case with this single blade fan. Its asymmetrical build draws the eye, all while producing a powerful airflow. Plus, it is also energy efficient.

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Brushed Nickel-Walnut Finish Ceiling Fan With LED Light: Cherry wood and brushed nickel merge to bring us this stunning fan that defines contemporary warmth. While all metal fans may feel cold and sterile, the wood blades on this design ensure that this isn’t the case here. It even has Tri-mount installation for standard, sloped and flush mounts.

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Large 8 Leaf Ceiling Fan With Light: Are more blades better? While that certainly isn’t always the case, the 8 blades on this wood fan sure do draw the eye. A great choice for larger rooms or outdoor spaces.

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Modern Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan With Light: If you love the look of an 8 blade fan but aren’t crazy about wood, what about brushed steel? It has an undeniable contemporary feel that is sleek and refined. Plus, if you want a warmer metallic, it is also available in Bronze.

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60 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light: The gentle curves of this fan’s blades give it a feeling of movement and flow, even when it is flicked off. It has a graphite steel finish and is also available in Bronze or Ivory.

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Translucent Blade Ceiling Fan With Light: This translucent blade fan might help make your design vision all the more clear. Its unusual design has a contemporary feel to its thanks to the double blade design, but the transparency of those blades ensures that it doesn’t feel over the top. A great ceiling fan for contemporary spaces looking for instant flare.

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Transparent Wing Ceiling Fan With Light: Sometimes all it takes is a change of material to make a design a standout choice and that is exactly how we feel about this fan—the transparency of the blades truly sets this piece apart from the crowd in our books. It boasts 3 fan speeds and a dimmable light

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Silver Ceiling Fan With Light: Or perhaps you want your ceiling fan to be a bit more glamorous? A crystal laden light is up to the task! A standout choice for a little princess’s room or a glamorous choice for a living room up to 20 ft x 20 ft.

$843BUY IT

Antique Style Ceiling Fan With Light: Who knew that a fan could be such a conversation starter!? This ceiling fan features not only an ornate light but dual fans that sport an unusual design. The fans rotate and run independently of each other, so if you and your significant other are always fighting about fan speed, this may be the answer.

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Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan With Light: Another ornate fan with a slightly antiquated feel, but this time with a more traditional design. This 5 blade effortlessly blends teak finished blades with bronze detailing to create an option that is overflowing with warmth and charm.

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Antique Chandelier Style Ceiling Fan: There are those who love simplicity, then there are those who appreciate ornate details. If you fall into the latter category, then this antique chandelier style ceiling fan may be right up your alley. It has a bronze motor finish, hanging crystals, and 5 wood finished blades. Also available without a light.

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Vintage Ceiling Fan With Light: The creamy white finish of this fan gives it a fresh feel, while its distressed detailing adds intrigue and gives it a rustic farmhouse feel. Want to make a big impression? Put this fan on a dark wood ceiling for a pop of contrast. Also available in Bronze.

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Ceiling Fan With Leaf Shaped Blades And Light: There was no way we could leaf this one off our list! This option boasts a tropical feel thanks to its hand-carved leaf blades and Tuscan glass light bowl that makes it well-suited for everywhere from the cottage to the home.

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Rustic Ceiling Fan With Light: Add a rustic touch to your ceiling with this wood blade fan. The look of the weathered wood blades might just be the warm finishing touch that your home needs.

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Rustic Industrial Ceiling Fan With Light: When rustic and industrial collide, you get this 5 blade ceiling fan that seamlessly blends wood and metal elements to create a captivating design. Its blades are available in either Rough Pine or Chestnut, plus it comes with a remote.

$220BUY IT

Caged Ceiling Fan With Light: An additional choice that is sure to meld well with industrial decor or give warmer rooms a bit of material contrast. It comes with 4 vintage bulbs to complete the look, but keep in mind that they are not intended to be a primary light source. If you want to use this fan as your primary light, the bulbs will need to be swapped.

$176BUY IT

Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fan With Light: Craving a bit of Farmhouse style? It is hard to go wrong with this wood fan! This option is the epitome of contemporary farmhouse style with its Barnwood blades, Edison bulb, and weathered zinc glass. Plus, it comes with a lifetime motor warranty and is rated for both outdoor and indoor use.

$480BUY IT

Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan With Light: Long and slender blades give this fan a sleek look that is suitable for industrial spaces but thanks to its minimalist design, it really would fit in with a variety of decor styles. This fan is available in White or Bronze (shown).

$365BUY IT

Large 12 Leaf Industrial Style Windmill Ceiling Fan With Light: Go big, or go home! If you already are home, harness the power and aesthetic of a windmill with this large industrial ceiling fan. It has 12 blades that span out to look like a windmill and from the reviews we see that it is apt to garner tons of compliments!

$900BUY IT

Alexa/Google Assistant Controlled Smart Fan With Ceiling Light: The future is now, so get your fan on board.
There is no more fumbling for a remote with this fan since you can use Alexa to control this smart fan with voice commands. “Hey Alexa, add to cart!”

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Ceiling Fan With Spotlights: Finally, you can say goodbye to stagnant air and get your lighting just right! This fan is a win for your decor and your comfort of living with its unique design, adjustable spotlights, and multiple fan speeds.

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Ceiling Fan With Ring Light: While you can’t control the light and wind outside, you can in your home—especially with this ring light ceiling fan. It has a tri-light LED dimmer that aims to mimic natural light, 3 fan speeds, and a remote to help you find the perfect balance of both! Available in Pink, Gold, or Clear (shown).

$190BUY IT

White Flush Mount Ceiling Fan With Light: Low on space or concerned about safety? This flush mount fan could be the answer. Its compact design has everything from dimmable light available in warm, white, or neutral tones, a timer with automatic shut off, 3 fan speeds, and a remote to control all the features. It is available in 6 colors, including bold shades like Blue and Pink.

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Enclosed Ceiling Fan With Light: One more enclosed option that features 3 different shades of light. This one features a perforated metal surrounding that infuses the design with a little extra pizzazz.

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Bladeless Ceiling Fan With Light: Do away with blades completely with this flush mount ceiling fan. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for low ceilings, its fan is quiet with 6 speeds, and it boasts that the airflow will spread through the entire room in 90 seconds.

$337BUY IT

Modern Chandelier Style Ceiling Fan: If you’re opting for a mix of elegant and edgy, give this modern chandelier fan a whirl. Its star-like design is sure to turn heads, while its remote and timed shut down option makes it highly convenient and energy-efficient.

$196BUY IT

Small Ceiling Fan With Light: Just because a space is a bit snug, doesn’t mean it has to forgo a fan—after all, they are usually the ones that would benefit most. A small ceiling fan like this silver stunner is optimal to provide both air flow and light.


Mini Ceiling Fan With Light And Pull Chain: A small ceiling fan for those on a budget. This rich and dark option will cost you under $100, is suitable for rooms 10 ft x 10 ft or smaller, and is available in 2 colors.

$380BUY IT

Super Small 15 Inch Ceiling Fan With Light: If you aren’t a big fan of larger ceiling fixtures, then check out this small silver fan. Encouraging Review: “Works great for a small room with a high ceiling as it is very condensed but fairly tall. Non-direct airflow may not be ideal for hot climates, but works well for our office because it doesn’t blow paper around.”

$208BUY IT

Retractable Blades Dimmable Chandelier Ceiling Fan: You shouldn’t have to forgo the glam factor just because you want a fan. That’s why we scoped out this unique chandelier! While most people will think it is just a stylish light, the click of a button proves otherwise with retractable blades that will pop out. The fact that all the lighting and fan speed can all be controlled by a remote? That’s just the icing on the cake.

$300BUY IT

Retractable Ceiling Fan With Color Controlled Lights And Music: It might be time to toss your dumb and dusty ceiling fan since a sleek and smart option is now available. On top of being a high-performance fan, this retractable option can play music, adjust the light to your needs, be set on a timer, and display multiple colors. How many of those can your old ceiling fan do?

$220BUY IT

Crystal and Silver Metal Shade Ceiling Fan: A little glitz and glamour to set your ceiling fan apart from the crowd. This three-tier fan will blend right into your dining area or instantly add a luxurious feel to the bedroom. Comes with remote.

$199BUY IT

Twin Ceiling Fan With Light: Want two fans, but don’t want the hassle of wiring an extra one in? This twin ceiling fan provides a great solution. Not to mention, its unique aesthetic is sure to start a conversation or two. Rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

$693BUY IT

Black & Wood Accents Ceiling Fan With Built-in Light: Give your indoor or outdoor space a makeover with this quiet 3 blade fan. It is crafted from machined aluminum and heavy stamped steel, creating a contemporary LED ceiling fan that is built to last.

$525BUY IT

Unique Oval Blade Ceiling Fan With Light: If you adore offbeat decor, then don’t be surprised if this fan blows you away. Keep it in a silver finish or get the fun and colorful blades here. Encouraging Review: “I could only find this fan in catalogs and online. I took a chance and are we happy we did. Not only does it move the air, but it looks great while doing it. Many compliments on this fan.”

$396BUY IT

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan With Light: A modern ceiling fan with a twist. While we have already included many curved fan options on our list, we couldn’t resist adding this last one. Its perforated blades make it feel like a piece of art for the ceiling! One word of caution: Many reviewers have said that this fan looks darker in the photos than in person. Not a huge issue, but something to keep in mind if you are trying to match furniture or cabinets.

$200BUY IT

Enclosed Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light: Create your own breeze outside on those hot windless days with an enclosed ceiling fan. A great addition to a porch or gazebo to help keep things both cool and illuminated. This one has 3-speed reversible control and comes with a remote.

$270BUY IT

Stylish Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light: And finally, our list ends with one more outdoor ceiling fan. This beauty boasts 3 solid wood blades, a dimmable LED light, and a bronze finish motor. The ideal finishing touch to an outdoor space that prioritizes comfort, style, and convenience.

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