Haircut designs are also called hair tattoos, and they are now officially one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the modern world. Even though grownups wear them as well, they are still a huge hit mostly with children, the best clients being little boys. They add touch of whimsy and ludic lovability to any short haircut, which is exactly what every little boy’s haircut should have. Here are 50 possible hair designs for boys you and your bundle of joy could try.

1. Cute Hair Designs for Boys

Let’s start out simply with an abstract yet well-constructed pattern that your son can wear in case he cannot make up his mind on a more specific design. This one is cool and slick, putting us in mind of old-school graffiti.

2. Airplane Hair Designs for Boys

If your son is in love with airplanes and everything that has to do with flying, then he will love this design. It’s an aircraft in mid-flight that’s swooping around his taper fade with a hard part as its tails.

3.  The Phases of the Moon

Is your little boy crazy about astronomy? Than we have an entire series of hair designs for boys coming up for you. These are the phases of the moon, aptly ‘tattooed’ using this cutie pie’s taper fade.

4. The Rising Sun

If your little guy is more of a day person and prefers to study the sun rather than the phases of the moon, then he can get a design depicting a rising sun over a hill, complete with rays and all. It looks fantastic from the side.

5. Planets Hair Designs for Boys

This may not be our solar system, but you can consider it a bundle of planets which your little boy can proudly display wherever he goes. This is the surest way to become the coolest kid in school!

6. Puma Hair Designs for Boys

Does your son have a favorite animal or favorite brand for that matter? Because if he does, then you can try to use it as an inspiration for his next hair design. Find a good barber that knows how to work a stencil and try it out.

7. The Angry Birds Hair Design

What is his favorite character from Angry Birds? Depending on his answer, that’s what he will want to get designed on the side of his head. If he can’t make up his mind, remember there is always next time, so that you can try out all of them.

8. Rolling Stones Hair Designs for Boys

There are few bands out there with a logo that is easier to recognize than that of the Rolling Stones. This hair design is aimed at teenagers who have discovered the music of the Stones and can’t get enough of Mick and his friends.

9. Cougar Hair Designs for Boys

Whether it’s because this is their favorite animal, because they identify with it or because it’s their team’s mascot, every boy will absolutely love to have this cougar ‘tattooed’ on the side of their tapered haircut.

10. Initial Hair Designs for Boys

The letter ‘A’ is just an example here. The main idea is for your child to get his own initial designed into his haircut. To make it even more special, try a cute font that he really loves or one that the barber finds appropriate.

11. Wolf Hair Designs for Boys

We’re back to the animal kingdom for inspiration with this design. It’s the best place to go, after all, because it’s when boys are little that they are most fascinated with wild animals and what they can do.

12. Scorpion Hair Designs for Boys

But it’s not just wild animals they are tempted by in their youthful years but insects of all sorts as well. That is why scorpions might prove to be a great source of inspiration and a really cool hair design.

13. Dragon Hair Designs for Boys

Here is the hair design to reign supreme over all the others. This fantasy creature lords over the imagination of all little boys like no other. Just think about Smaug from The Hobbit and you will see how immensely satisfied he will be.

14. Lion Hair Designs for Boys

We could not have possibly compiled this list without including the king of all beasts, the lion. However, make sure you find a very good barber because this is an intricate design that requires a lot of skill.

15. Soccer Hair Designs for Boys

If your kid is not into football, basketball or baseball, then he’s definitely into soccer. International athletes such as Messi, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo have made this game incredibly popular all over the world.

16. Hair Designs for Boys with Flames

This might just be the perfect hairstyles for summer for your little boy. He can wear it during his holiday when he doesn’t have to attend school and when you can be a bit more relaxed about etiquette and rules.

17. Mario Hair Designs for Boys

Here’s another fantastic example of how intricate and detailed these hair tattoos can get. If your barber or stylist is skilled enough he or she can create real works of art on your child’s head that will surely get him noticed.

18. Jumpman Hair Designs for Boys

We’re already seen the design for soccer enthusiasts so now it’s time to move on to basketball. This is called the jumpman and the slow fade and repetition of the design renders him in motion as he tries to score.

19. Hair Designs for Boys with Roses

This has got to be the prettiest entry on our list. The roses are so delicate and gorgeous that they transform this urban and street style into an elegant one fit to wear at a wedding or a special event.

20. Mickey Mouse Hair Designs for Boys

If you plan on taking a trip to Disneyland during the summer holidays, what better way to stay on theme than this Mickey Mouse hair tattoo? Mickey is the one cartoon character that started it all and this hairstyle honors the House of the Mouse.

21. Tupac Hair Designs for Boys

Here’s another idea meant for teenage boys who are starting to discover their own taste in music. This is a fantastic hair design of rapper Tupac created in mesmerizing detail and which looks incredibly lifelike.

22. Clef Hair Designs for Boys

Let’s stay in the world of music a little while longer with this minimal yet super clef tattoo. We especially love how clever it is, since the hard part of the hairstyle continues naturally in the back forming a clef.

23. Spiral Hair Designs for Boys

Evidently, not all hair tattoos have to have a meaning behind them. Some can simply be there for aesthetic or decorative purposes. Such is this spiral hair design which embellishes a cute bald fade haircut.

24. Creative Hair Designs

Here’s one more hair design for summertime. Is it piping hot outside, and everything seems to be melting around you? Then your haircut can symbolize exactly that. Use your surrounding environment as a source of inspiration for your next hair design.

25. Snowflake Hair Designs for Boys

We also have a great idea for wintertime. It’s a hair design in the shape of a snowflake. It comes equipped with a stylized gush of wintry wind blowing on the side of the head, just to make this hairstyle even more interesting.

26. Abstract Hair Designs

This is one of the more demure and abstract hair designs that your boy can wear to school. However, you should check first to see if he is allowed, otherwise he may come home with a note.

27. Minimal Hair Designs for Boys

You know what they say. Sometimes, less is more. This seems to be the case with this particular hair tattoo. It’s a straightforward Z that finishes into a lovely wavy line. It’s perfect in case your little boy wants a more elegant take on this trend.

28. Elegant Hair Designs

Speaking of elegance, you have to at least consider this design. It’s so beautifully done that we cannot believe it’s real. The haircut and taper fade are so perfect that the whole side pf the head looks graffitied in rather than a haircut.

29. Heartbeat Hair Designs for Boys

What better way to express your love than to design a heartbeat into your son’s hairstyle? It can be an accurate one if you happen to have one handy or you can just go for an abstract heartbeat that simply shows love and adoration.

30. Batman and Superman Hair Designs

The Batman v. Superman logo is, without a doubt one of the coolest and most easily recognizable ones ever created in the history of cinematography. We also bet that your little boy is a fan of one of the two or even both.

31. Greek Hair Designs

This is one of the classic designs. We associate it most with Ancient Greece and it certainly has a Mediterranean allure to it. There’s just something about the square spirals that have been drawing our attention for so long.

32. Spiderman Hair Designs

Superman and Batman belong to DC. So, now it’s time to give Marvel a high five and see what a Spiderman hair design would look like. It’s a cobweb that seems to spring right from behind the little guy’s ear.

33. Iguana Hair Designs

This is a hair design taken to another level. Why? Because it’s in 3D! Everything else we’ve seen so far has been amazing. But this design literally looks likes it could simply walk off the boy’s head anytime it chooses to.

34. Parallel Hair Designs

Parallel lines are always a classic and minimal design which you can turn to if you want to please your little boy and follow this trend but if you also don’t want something too extravagant. It’s a compromise solution.

35. Star Hair Designs

Stars follow the same concept as parallel lines. They are bold enough to show that your child is right on trend but demure enough for him to still be able to go to school without breaking any rules.

36. Whimsical Hair Designs for Boys

This hair design is proof that you can literally can get anything you want ‘tattooed’ on the side or in the back of your taper fade as long as your imagination knows no limits. However, keep in mind that you will have to visit your barber now and then for a trim.

37. The Miami Heat Logo

Of course, this is just an example of a team logo that your little boy could get. This is the Miami heat logo designed into a haircut. However, ask him what team he supports and then tell the barber to carve their logo into his taper fade.

38. Diamond Hair Designs for Boys

Why a diamond? Because your bundle of joy is like a diamond, of course. Precious and unique, not to mention the most beautiful thing in your life. Therefore, show your love and appreciation by allowing him to get this special glittering diamond hair design.

39. Platinum Hair Designs

This is what hair designs look like on platinum blonde hair. Although this idea may be suited for older, teenage boys, it’s still one that you should take into consideration because it looks so good and has so much modern appeal.

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40. The Window Effect

This hair design is called the window effect because it looks like the surface of a window when the rays of the sun hit it. It’s based on a combination of black and white that mimic light and shadow.

41. The Pikachu Lightning Bolt

Pokemon is one of the biggest phenomenons in the world and Pikachu is its king. Therefore, it would seem only natural that your child should wish to get his lightning bolt ‘tattooed’ on his side of the head. It’s fun and childish!

42. Scalloped Stars Hair Designs for Boys

We are in love with this scalloped design that seems to be a bit in three dimensions because of the length of the hair. Every scallop has a star in the middle which immediately puts you in mind of a football, the kind they use in soccer games.

43. Stylish Hair Designs for Boys

There are certain children that show an uncanny sense of style and fashion from a very early age. If your little munchkin is one of them, then this is definitely the hair design for them. It’s understated and classy with a lot of grace to it.

44. Hair Designs for Boys with Waves

Natural born swimmers or little boys who simply love to splash around all day in the pool or at the beach can channel their love for water with this fantastic hair design shaped like artistic waves.

45. Saturn Hair Designs for Boys

Saturn is a fascinating planet indeed and it’s no wonder it’s your young man’s favorite. It also looks really cool as a model for a hair tattoo because it has that awesome ring around it. When he’s bored with it, though, he can easily swap for another.

46. Mandala Hair Designs for Boys

Speaking of boredom, here’s one hair design you can never grow bored with. Mandalas are eternally fascinating. They have so many shapes that it’s simply impossible to get through all of them. Congrats on this fantastic choice!

47. Apple Hair Designs for Boys

What little boy doesn’t like gadgets? They practically live for them and Apple is one of the biggest manufacturers and providers out there. Not to mention they have one of the coolest logos.

48. Oak Tree Hair Designs for Boys

This is by far one of the coolest ideas involving hair designs we’ve ever seen. The stylist has used the boy’s curly afro to design the foliage of an oak tree and shaped the trunk and branches out of the sides of his taper haircut.

49. Braided Hair Designs

You can also pair up this trend with other new trends for boys that you like, such as man braids. They will make for a very stylish combination that will put your little boy ahead of his game from a very early age.

50. Hair Designs for Boys with a Bald Fade

You can use a taper fade or a bald fade for hair designs. They both work as a canvas for the stylist or the barber to work their magic and give your little bundle of joy the haircut of a lifetime.


Hair designs for boys are always a fantastic choice because they embody everything that a haircut for a child needs to be. They are fun, playful, adorable, yet surprisingly stylish at the same time. Plus, this will be an excellent opportunity for the child to express his creative side by choosing the pattern he loves the most.

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