Buy It: $850  

iRobot Roomba: As one of the first appliances to usher in the age of the smart home, the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner has grown to become an iconic device that actually lives up to its popularity.

Buy It: $145  

August Smart Lock: Smart locks are so handy – use your phone to let the dog walker in while you’re on vacation, or unlock the door from your car before carrying in groceries.

Buy It: $251  

Chamberlain Garage Opener: Like the smart lock above, this ultra-quiet garage door opener controls the door from anywhere. Never wonder if you left the garage door open again!

Buy It: $199  

Ring Video Doorbell: See who’s knocking from anywhere, even while traveling – two way communication means you can chat with visitors while you’re away.

Buy It: $195  

Canary Home Security: Canary’s wide-angle lens, night vision, and audio capture provide an effective way to monitor your home from anywhere. It even includes air quality and temperature monitoring! Plus, it looks nice too.

Buy It: $250  

Sentri Monitoring System: If you’d rather have a home security system with its own touch screen, the Sentri offers an attractive upgrade. It even integrates with other smart devices like the Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue.

Buy It: $199  

Awair Air Quality Monitor: This smart monitor detects for carbon dioxide, dust, and toxic chemicals in addition to everyday concerns like temperature and humidity. It looks just like a stylish and minimalistic radio.

Buy It: $150  

Petnet Smartfeeder: Diligent owners can schedule feeding times, manage portions, and receive notifications right on the iPhone with the Petnet Smartfeeder. However, it’s not compatible with Android.

Buy It: $199   

Petcube Interactive Camera: Does work or school keep you away from the home for long stretches? Use this sleek cube to communicate, watch, and play with your pets right from your smartphone!

Buy It: $170  

Petzi Treat Cam: Petzi offers all of the advantages of the Petcube, but this device dispenses treats instead of shining a laser.

Buy It: $200  

Home Security Robot: This is so cool! The Appbot Link is a smartphone-controlled robot that goes right where you want it to go. Two-way audio makes it perfect for checking to make sure teens are doing their homework.

Buy It: $26  

Flux Smart Bulb: Don’t like the look of speakers? This smart bulb is a workable and affordable replacement. With multiple bulbs, you can coordinate music throughout the house over Bluetooth.

Buy It: $20   

Playbulb: This flameless candle is safe and fun for all ages. It cycles through thousands of shades of beautiful colors to enhance the mood in any room.

Buy It: $238   

Nest Thermostat: Besides looking better than an ordinary thermostat, Nest supports advanced features like self-programming to save time on scheduling and auto-away to save money while you’re not home.

Buy It: $99   

Nest Protect: This smart fire alarm sends alerts right to your phone, and lasts up to 10 years. It monitors for dangerous carbon monoxide as well. It’s a futuristic-looking necessity for any smart home.

Buy It: $180   

Amazon Echo: Most people are already familiar with the way Amazon Echo offers voice control for tons of smart home devices, but design fans might want to know that the Echo is compatible with plenty of decorative skins to match any interior!

Buy It: $199   

Triby Connected Speaker: Record messages for family members, take hands-free phone calls, and send doodles or messages from your phone – all with one super cute fridge magnet.

Buy It: $249   

Nucleus Smart Intercom: Communicate from room-to-room or monitor your house from your phone with this attractive touch-screen intercom. It transmits calls in under 200 milliseconds!

Buy It: $74   

Water Resistant Wireless Speaker: The gorgeous Turtle Shell 2.0 is portable, shockproof, water resistant, and perfect for adventures. Its sculptural shape ensures it looks great anywhere.

Buy It: $229   

Sugr Cube Smart Speaker: This minimalistic speaker eliminates buttons in favor of gesture controls. It’s sleek and interactive, and sure to become a talking point at parties.

Buy It: $279  

RainMachine Irrigation Controller: What smart home is complete without a smart lawn? Save money and water with this self-monitoring forecast-controlled irrigation tool.

Buy It: $70 for 4   

Tile Item Finder: Tile is basically the tool that every forgetful person has dreamed about. Just attach the smart fob to devices like keys and phones to make sure they never get lost again.

Buy It: $499   

Digital Art Display: Change your artwork on demand with this vivid display from Electric Objects. Discover new art, display your favorites, or upload your own works.

Buy It: $499 for 3   

Eero WiFi System: Most smart home devices won’t work without reliable WiFi. Eero is an intelligent multi-point WiFi system that accommodates even the largest homes.

Buy It: $250   

Luma WiFi System: This is a cheaper alternative to the Eero above, but this package offers a few more color choices to coordinate with your smart interior.

Buy It: $300   

Customizable E-Ink Keyboard: Do you have trouble remembering the keyboard shortcuts for different computer programs? This e-ink keyboard displays whatever symbols you want, changeable on demand.

Buy It: $28   

Satechi USB Power Strip: So many devices depend on USB for charging, but laptops and desktops only have so many ports. This power strip combines four AC power outlets with 4 smart USB ports to cover all the bases.

Buy It: $31   

PowerCube: This smart power source includes four AC outlets and two USB ports, in one of the most compact forms on the market. Connect multiple PowerCubes for a modular solution that can handle all your favorite devices.

Buy It: $39   

WeMo WiFi Switch: Ever had a productive day interrupted by thoughts about whether you left the coffee pot turned on? The WeMo makes it easy to set schedules and power devices on or off with just your smartphone.

Buy It: $45   

OORT SmartSocket: Energy usage is an important concern for people pursuing the smart home lifestyle. OORT tracks your energy usage and makes it easy to turn off devices from the app, from anywhere.

Buy It: $150  

Withings Body Analyzer: The traditional scale has been long overdue for a smart home makeover. This scale measures your pulse, tracks home air quality, and the included app generates daily reports to help you reach your health goals.

Buy It: $299   

OLED Lamp Charger: Gorgeous! This table lamp also serves as a discreet Qi charging station for your favorite devices. It’s stylish, smart, bright, and won’t cast a glare.

Buy It: $40   

LED Qi Charger: The difference between this lamp/charger combination and the other one is that this lamp has LED rather than OLED, and it’s significantly more affordable.

Buy It: $98   

All-In-One Charger: It’s a clock, a speaker, a wireless charger, a thermometer, a hands-free calling dock, and so much more. This is the ultimate smart device for a dedicated minimalist.

Buy It: $107   

Fujifilm Smartphone Printer: Print anywhere! Print any time! Fujifilm’s Instax printer recreates the photo booth experience right from your smartphone. Share memories instantly and permanently.

Buy It: $49   

Peel Pronto: Have you ever wished you could control all of your media devices with a single remote? The Pronto remote and accompanying Peel app support more than 450,000 devices.

Buy It: $10   

Motion Sensor Night Light: This automatic light turns on when somebody passes within 6 feet and turns off after 15 to 20 seconds. This is a great way to save on batteries compared to manually-operated nightlights.

Buy It: $20   

Illumibowl Toilet Night Light: As seen on Shark Tank, this night light illuminates the bowl whenever its motion sensor detects that somebody has entered the bathroom. Kids will be delighted, and guests will smile with surprise.

Buy It: $60   

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Waterproof speakers are always handy. Whether you love to sing in the shower or listen while working near the sink, this handy device has your back.

Buy It: $150   

Oral-B Smart Toothbrush: Track and improve your brushing habits with this smart toothbrush from Oral-B. It’ll warn you if you brush too hard, remind you to touch up on those important areas, and motivates with helpful tips.

Buy It: $360   

Touch Faucet: Are you tired of wiping down your faucet handles after working with raw meat or messy foods? Touch-sensitive faucets are both sanitary and highly convenient.

Buy It: $99   

Drop Smart Kitchen Scale: Progressively measure ingredients without dirtying too many measuring spoons, and follow hundreds of interactive recipes without dirtying your iPad.

Buy It: $24   

Perfect Bake: Similar to the Drop scale, this smart device is compatible with both iOS and Android. The app even generates lists of recipes according to the items you have in your pantry.

Buy It: $255   

WiFi Coffee Machine: Smarter Coffee makes it easy to grind and brew coffee on demand or automatically according to your preferred schedule. Set your grind coarseness and brew strength for the perfect cup every time.

Buy It: $99   

Smart Hydration Tracker: Pryme Vessyl balances factors like your height, weight, age, activity levels, and hours of sleep to determine how close you are to reaching your ideal daily hydration goals.

Buy It: $30   

Kitchen Tablet Mount: A tablet is a must-have for any smart kitchen, but nobody wants to give up counter space. This tablet mount keeps devices at eye level for easy viewing and hassle-free use.

Buy It: $22   

Cutting Board with Bin: Not every smart home device needs to be battery-powered. This cutting board provides smart convenience with a foldable scrap bin for quick cleanup.

Buy It: $14   

Folding Chopping Board: Here’s another example of a kitchen tool that combines the best of high-tech convenience and low-tech reliability.

Buy It: $39   

Arena Dish Rack: This dish rack has that cool futuristic look suitable for a true smart home. Its innovative shape directs water right back into your sink and stores away neatly without taking up much space.

Buy It: $60   

Click & Grow Herb Garden: No green thumb? No problem – the Click & Grow automatically adjusts lighting and monitors water levels to make sure your family can enjoy fresh herbs all year long.

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