Here is a piece that we decided to dedicate exclusively to black men hairstyles. While doing the research for this one, we were amazed to see just how many fantastic options there are.

Close cropped waves, flat tops, natural tips, afros, retro flairs are just a few of everything we have to show you. Therefore, all you need to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom, pick your favorite one and visit your stylist or barber immediately! Let’s get started!

1. The Top Knot with a Fade

We begin with a hairstyle that has been the rage in the past few years. I mean, who hasn’t been sporting a top knot or a man bun, really? This one is a natural top knot with a hard parting all around and a clean fade.

Natural Top Knot With A Fade black men hairstyles

2. The Top Knot with Front Braids

As far as black men hairstyles are concerned, you can even pair the top knot with some kicker braids. Try some front ones and let them hang loosely so that they can frame your face and make a continuum with your beard.

black men hairstyles top knot front braids

Wanna rock the top knot? Roll over to the list!

3. The Natural Curly with Undercut

If you have very curly hair, you can always keep it short and simple when it comes to black men hairstyles. However, just so that you can add a bit of pizzazz to it, go for the smooth undercut that links to your bushy and beautiful beard.

black men hairstyles curly natural undercut beard

4. Black Men Hairstyles with a Design

Here’s another very sought-after trend of these past few years. The hair designs for men. They are also called hair tattoos and they can come in any shape you want. Just let your creative juices flow and see what you can come up with.

black men hairstyles undercut with design

5. The Curly Mohawk

If there’s something we truly love, then that’s black men hairstyles that boldly combine several haircuts into one. For example, here we have a curly Mohawk, dyed completely blonde, with a shaved undercut and a v-shaped neckline design to top it all off.

black men hairstyles undercut design curly mohawk blonde

6. Long Twists Black Men Hairstyles

Here’s a hairstyle that you can pull off by yourself, at home, with a bit of dexterity. And if you have long enough hair, of course. Don’t worry, there are plenty enough tutorials and how-tos on websites like Pinterest and, of course, YouTube.

black men hairstyles long twists

7. Short Black Men Hairstyles

Here is a classic cut that you can wear all year long. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it transitions superbly from day to night. In other words, you can wear it both at the office and at a fancy dinner party in the evening.

black men hairstyles short with fade

8. The Short Wavy Fade

A version of the simple buzz cut with a fade that we showed you earlier includes a few elegant waves. Pair that with a very well-trimmed beard with clean shaved edges and sideburns that slowly fade into the haircut itself.

black men hairstyles short fade wavy

9. The High Skin Blowout

This is one of our absolute favorite black men hairstyles. It’s called a high skin blowout and you can see why. The great thing about it is that it elongates the face and highlights your cheekbones, not to mention that it adds an inch or two to your height.

black men hairstyles High Skin Blowout

10. The Narrow Afro

If you like the idea of an afro, as far as black men hairstyles are concerned but you don’t fancy that much pouf or blowout, you can always opt for a narrow afro. It means that you get a lot of length but none of the width or volume of the classic afro.

black men hairstyles narrow afro

11. Prom Black Men Hairstyles

Prom is a huge event for everyone and you need to treat it as such. How about you go for a classy side swept hairstyle with a hard part? It has a very stylish old Hollywood glamorous feel to it and you can wear a tux to match.

prom idea black men hairstyles

12. Chocolate and Blonde Black Men Hairstyles

This is a pouffed up curly fauxhawk with a very slight fade and barely visible sideburns. But what we loved the most about it was the colors. It’s a chocolate and blonde mix, very reminiscent of fall colors.

black men hairstyles chocolate and blonde curly and fade

13. The Long and Curly Top

Black men hairstyles are all about being creative and having fun with your ideas. This is an undershave with a very long and curly top. Some of the strands fall on the forehead, creating a beautiful, albeit fake set of bangs.

black men hairstyles long curly top

14. Caramel Black Men Hairstyles

Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Here is a caramel shade that is simply to die for. It will complement the natural color of your beard and highlight your eyes. Evidently, you can go for a darker or lighter shade, depending on what you want.

caramel black men hairstyles

15. Hipster Black Men Hairstyles

This is one hipster hairstyle that you will adore. It has a very high and narrow top, getting rid of the side volume. In this way, it has a wonderful architecture to it, which makes it look almost geometrical. Pair it with the classical hipster mustache.

very high top hipster black men hairstyles

16. Short and Curly

Keeping it simple is always a good idea as well. Especially when you’ve got other things going on and making up your image, such as piercings, studs, earrings, tattoos, and everything in between.

short and curly black men hairstyles

17. Black and Blue

The great thing about black men hairstyles is that you can mix them up with just about any hair color you can think of. Including this outstanding neon blue that is just a tad reminiscent of the old 80s and their style.

blue black men hairstyles

18. The Black and White Mohawk

A mohawk is really badass, we all know that. But a two color mohawk is even more badass than that. You can choose a classic black and white version or you can go for some kookier shades. Let your creativity run wild with this one.

The Black and White Mohawk black men hairstyles

19. Neon Lemon

And speaking of kooky hair colors, here is a neon lemon shade that we simply adored. The haircut is very simple. In fact, it’s a buzzcut, kept straightforward and neat because the color here is supposed to do all the talking. And it surely does!

lemon neon black men hairstyles

20. The Blue Flat Top

Two things are completely striking about this hairstyle. First you notice the beautiful, inky blue color. Second, the perfection of the flat top, cut down to the last strand of rogue hair.

blue flat top black men hairstyles

21. The Blonde Streak

When it comes to black men hairstyles, boy do we love an afro with a twist! This is a high and narrow afro with a blonde streak running the length of it, just like a lemon twist in a tall glass of satisfying cola drink. Yum!

blonde and black afro black men hairstyles

22. Salt and Pepper

Natural is the best way to go as you age and you know it. There’s absolutely no point in dying your hair after you’ve passed a certain age. Embrace what nature is giving you and make the best of it!

salt and pepper hair white beard black men hairstyles

23. Dreads in a Bun

One way in which you can keep your dreads looking classy and protect them at the same time is to tie them up in a man bun. In this way, you can obtain a business casual look that you can wear in meetings and still look cool.

dreads in man bun black men hairstyles

24. The Medium Curly

Curly hair don’t care? This should be your motto as well. Instead of cutting it all off and pretending it’s not there, why not let it grow out? This is a medium sized cut at its full volume and body.

medium curly black men hairstyles

25. Lilac and a Flower Crown

Embrace your feminine side by sporting a soft, pastel color in your hair, such as this super lilac. For the sake of art, you can even take it a step further and wear a beautiful flower crown. You will be a hit on Instagram in no time!

lilac flower crown black men hairstyles

26. High Top Dreads

As we all know, regarding black men hairstyles, dreads come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can wear yours exactly as you please. These are high top dreads cut short with a rough and natural parting down the middle and shaved sides.

high top dreads black men hairstyles

27. 90s Black Men Hairstyles

Ah, yes, the 90s! Such a crazy and inspirational style decade that was! You can still channel it, of course, if you’re feeling nostalgic or you have an impeccable fashion sense. Here are some asymmetrical medium sized dreads to help you out.

90s black men hairstyles

28. Bold and Beard

Going bald or going bold? Letting go of your hair might be nature’s choice or it might be your choice as a fashion statement. Especially when you have an awesome beard to back it all up and a pair of hipster Harry Potter glasses.

bold and beard black men hairstyles

29. Jumbo Braids

Braids can be a protective style for your hair, but they can also be a powerful fashion statement. What’s even more amazing is that you can do this one at home, all by yourself. Look up some tutorials online!

jumbo braids black men hairstyles

30. Long Dreads

Here is another timeless example of black men hairstyles. Long dreads. They look good on everyone so don’t be afraid to get them if you really want this haircut. However, you will need to learn how to take care of them.

long dreads black men hairstyles

31. Dreads in Messy Buns

Continuing on the idea above, one of the ways in which you can wear your dreads and take care of them at the same time is to tie them up in two messy buns at the sides of your head. It’s a very cool and ‘I woke up like this’ look.

dreads in two messy buns black men hairstyles

Looking for more dread ideas? Don’t worry about it, we got you!

32. The Fashion Rebel

Would you like to be a fashion rebel or are you one already? How about a shocking marsala hair color in two jumbo braids that have been then tied in two space buns on top of your head? Don’t forget the golden embellishments on your face.

fashion rebel black men hairstyles

33. Hard Part All Around

Typically, a hard part is only done on one side of the head or in the middle. However, seeing that you are a style guru, you can push black men hairstyles to the limit and create new boundaries. Make the hard part go all around the head.

curly hightop with hard part all around black men hairstyles

34. The Simple Top Knot

Here is one hairstyle that has been a complete rage in the past few years. Everyone has been wearing it, as we are sure you’ve noticed, from Hollywood A-listers to the guy bagging your groceries. Jump on the trend yourself!

simple top knot black men hairstyles

35. The Jumbo Dread

We don’t actually believe it’s possible for anyone to look at this idea for black men hairstyles and not fall in love with it. It’s a jumbo dread mixed with a fauxhawk, mixed with hair designs. We admit, we adore it!

jumbo dread mohawk black men hairstyles

36. Black Men Hairstyles with Bandanna

Another way in which you can vamp up your hairstyle is by adding a bandanna to it. It’s a very cool accessory that is definitely making a comeback. You can choose the pattern and the colors so that they complement your hair and eyes.

natural curly fade bandana black men hairstyles

37. Blonde Dreads

The possibilities of what you could do once you get dreads are truly endless. Here is a wonderful example of a fauxhawk made up of sandy blonde dreads with shaved sides and dark chocolate roots.

Super Short Sides and blonde Dreads black men hairstyles

38. Dreads and Wrap

Another idea would be to grow your dreads out as much as you want and use a head wrap as a fashion accessory. You can also go for a pair of dangly earrings in a color to match that will tie up the entire look.

dreads and wrap black men hairstyles

39. Jumbo Dreadlocks

We’ve got yet another idea concerning dreads and black men hairstyles. Once your dreads are long enough, you can always twist the front ones into two jumbo braids. They will make you look very manly and cool at the same time.

jumbo dreadlocks black men hairstyles

40. The Jaden Smith

Will Smith’s son is all grown up now and very famous on his own. Just as his hair is. He wears a set of shaggy and ragged medium sized dreads which he manages to comb from the back side to the front in a now signature hairstyle.

jaden smith black men hairstyles

41. The 2Pac

Here’s another very famous styling choice that might inspire you – the 2pac. His signature hairstyle was bald, not because he needed it but because he liked it that way, paired with a goatee and his famous nose ring.

2pac black men hairstyles

42. The Lenny Kravitz

Lenny is another very famous musician who greatly influenced black men hairstyles. He had many hairstyles the length of his career, but none so famous as the medium sized shaggy dreads he sported.

lenny kravitz black men hairstyles

43. The John Legend

The third musician on our list to have a major say in black men hairstyles is none other than soul master John Legend. He usually wears his hair short and dapper in a very sweet buzzcut. If he managed to win over beauty Chrissy Teigen with that, we suggest you take some notes.

john legend black men hairstyles

44. The QuestLove

We all know and adore QuestLove. If not for his music then definitely for his musical sidekick role on the Jimmy Fallon show. We also adore his quirky hairstyle, with the shocked afro complete with teasing comb inside it.

questlove black men hairstyles

45. The Jimi Hendrix

We conclude the list with none other than the legendary Jimi Hendrix and his even more legendary hairstyle. Who doesn’t know the pouffed up afro and the bandana that the singer used to wear on stage every single time? Those were the good times!

jimi hendrix black men hairstyles

46. Long Black Men Hairstyles

Sometimes, the simplest way is also the best. By this we, of course, mean you flaunt what nature gave you. Grow out your natural curly hair to the desired length and create a fabulous look that will turn heads.

long black men hairstyles

47. Medium Twists

You can also go for a protective hairstyle in case you want to take care of your natural curls and not show them off at all. These tight and medium twists are the best way to make sure your hair is safe but looks cool at the same time.

medium twists black men hairstyles

48. Blonde Hairstyles for Black Men

Blonde dreads are always a superb thing to watch. It’s a bold choice for many men but we’re happy to see times are changing and men everywhere are getting more and more creative in terms of color.

blonde black men hairstyles

49. Platinum Black Men Hairstyles

Speaking of bold colors, everything this year has been about platinum blondes. Therefore, why not take it a step further and dye your beard as well? We suggest you leave your eyebrows as they are to avoid the Santa look.

platinum blak men hairstyles

50. Silver Black Men Hairstyles

There are several ways in which you can achieve this look. You can dye your hair silver, use a weave in this color or go for yarn braids, which are much less expensive and a lot easier to manage and wear.

silver black men hairstyles


How about you? Were you inspired by our top picks for outstanding black men hairstyles? Or are you already on top of your game with one of these haircuts and rocking Instagram stories like no one else? Let us know in the comment section below because we would love to hear from you!

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