Every season brings new and cool ideas in the world of men’s hairstyling. Whether it’s the infamous man bun, the taper fade, the pompadour with a hard part or the all-loved slick back, each year comes with an innovative addition to the male beauty roster. And the first people to champion these ideas are none other than our beloved celebrities. Here are 50 fresh leading icons of movie and music that sport the most popular hairstyles for men of the moment.

1. The George Clooney

Let’s begin our list of the most popular hairstyles for men with one of the most beloved actors of all time. George Clooney has sported quite a few haircuts in his lifetime, but none was more successful than this gorgeous side part with a comb-over that makes him look like he belongs in the golden age of Hollywood.

2. The Odell Beckham Jr.

This world-famous athlete has also become a styling icon thanks to his catchy hairstyle. He sports a taper fade in his natural brunette color topped by a curly, platinum fauxhawk adorned with a handful of semi-dreads.

3. The Chris Hemsworth

If you have blonde hair and you’re looking for popular hairstyles for men, look no further because Thor is all the inspiration you need. He typically wears a clean cut, good guy hairstyle which is incredibly easy to maintain.

4. The Timothee Chalamet

This rising star of only 20 has been embraced both for his acting skills and his out of the box good looks. Timothee Chalamet has what we call a typical ‘90s romance haircut.’ Think Hugh Grant in all his romantic comedies, only a bit longer.

5. The Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller and his hair are having a big style moment. The Fantastic Beasts star wears a layered medium haircut with wispy, side-swept bangs that reach halfway down his forehead sweetening up his angular face.

6. The Jason Momoa

Although Jason Momoa is famous for proudly displaying his long hair wherever he goes, we also love his man bun and are happy to add it to our list of popular hairstyles for men. He is seriously making a case for the man bun to come back this season.

7. The Dan Stevens

Here’s a man not only with one of the best faces in the industry but also with one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Dan Stevens has a wealth of chestnut brown hair which he wears in a side-parted and layered comb-over.

8. The Jamie Dornan

We could not have possibly built a list of the coolest and most popular hairstyles for men and not include Christian Grey himself on it. In real life, actor Jamie Dornan has wavy and unruly hair which he tries to keep in place with copious amounts of wax.

9. The Zac Efron

It might be possible that Zac Efron decided one day that his eyes were not blue enough, so he dyed his hair blonde to highlight them more. If that is the case, he did a wonderful job. We absolutely love his slick back.

10. The Will Smith

When it comes to popular hairstyles for men, this one ranks high simply because it’s very easy to maintain and it requires very little caring from your part. Will Smith has been a fan of this haircut for decades.

11. The Zayn Malik

After leaving One Direction where he notoriously did not have much liberty when it came to his looks, singer Zayn Malik went all out and tried hairstyle after hairstyle. We’re sold on this taper fade with frosted tips.

12. The Wiz Khalifa

Popular hairstyles for men don’t get any cooler than medium dreads with blonde tips. That’s because, if anyone knows a thing or two about being yourself and loving your own sense of style, that’s rapper Wiz Khalifa.

13. The Jason Statham

Speaking about loving yourself, all men with alopecia should take a cue from actor Jason Statham and embrace the natural state of their hairline. It’s a natural process that most men go through and we support you completely.

14. The Johnny Depp

Here’s Johnny Depp in a still for his campaign for Dior Homme a few short years ago. If you’re looking for popular hairstyles for men, this is it. Those long side-parted bangs are reminiscent of the 90s, an era in which Johnny thrived.

15. The Harry Styles

Singer Harry Styles undoubtedly has one of the best heads of hair in the business. This ‘prince of rock’n’roll’ has rocked a shaggy hairstyle, long hair, a man bun, man braids, space buns, a slick back, you name it. He’s done it all and looked outstanding while doing it.

16. The Jude Law

Receding hairlines are also a thing to be embraced and worn in a natural a state as possible. Actor Jude Law is now famous for his as well as his refusal to do anything about it. Talk about cool hairstyles for men!

17. The Cillian Murphy

This is a taper fade with a short and textured top that will elongate your face and give it some expression. Just like actor Cillian Murphy, you can pair it with a cool denim jacket with upturned collars.

18. The David Beckham

One of the most famous athletes in the world, David Beckham has sported not one but all the popular hairstyles for men. He has been a trendsetter since the day we met him more than 20 years ago, and he hasn’t stopped inspiring us.

19. The Colin Farrell

One of the most popular hairstyles for men has always been the buzz cut. It began in the military but soon found its way to pop culture thanks to its versatility, low maintenance factor and coolness points.

20. The Justin Timberlake

Who here remembers the notorious ‘ramen’ hair Justin Timberlake used to wear back when he was in NSync? Those really were the days, hair-wise but, as far as popular hairstyles for men go, you might be a bit better off with this lovely feathered comb-over.

21. The Jimmy Fallon

We could not have mentioned Justin Timberlake on this list of the most popular hairstyles for men without his celebrity best friend, Jimmy Fallon. The latter wears a shaggy and windswept short hairstyle that preserves his boyish good looks.

22. The G-Eazy

Rapper G-Eazy’s hairstyle as well as some of his clothing choices are a tribute to the 50s. His haircut is a medium slick back with a taper fade which goes perfectly well with Gerald’s deep angular face.

23. The Robert Pattinson

Although he appeared in one of the Harry Potter movies, Robert Pattinson’s career didn’t really take off until he became the sparkliest vampire in Hollywood in the Twilight saga. In real life, the actor wears a shaggy hairstyle consistent with his laidback personality.

24. The Alexander Ludwig

This onscreen Viking turned his mandatory movie haircut into one of the most popular hairstyles for men around. That’s what it means to be confident and believe in yourself.

25. The Henry Cavill

This British actor is a perfect example of keeping your wavy hair in check. The best thing to do is go for a slick back which you can obtain by using some hair wax or gel. Depending on your facial type, you can choose a pair of sideburns as well.

26. The Tom Hardy

No matter what popular hairstyles for men actor Tom Hardy chooses, he cannot ditch the bad boy image. Luckily for him, everyone loves him for it. He personifies the rogue and the trickster, and his combination of spiky hair and beard says just that.

27. The Charlie Hunnam

Blonde hair is typically identified with the surfer dude, but that’s just a stereotype that the world needs to get over. Actor Charlie Hunnam is here to prove exactly that. Popular hairstyles for man such as his layered and scruffy, blonde slick back are very hot right now.

28. The Tom Holland

The new Spider-man has quickly become one of the most beloved Avengers, which is quite a lot to say, beating to the punch names like Thor and Ironman. Pun intended. It’s all due to Tom Holland’s undeniable charm, good looks, and fresh teenage sweetness.

29. The Tom Hiddleston

Moving swiftly on from one Tom to the next on our list of popular hairstyles for men. Handsome hunk Tom Hiddleston has approached a more mature and brooding style lately which the world has really taken to. It includes a medium haircut that showcases his natural curly hair and a gorgeous dark ginger beard. Here’s an article on celebrity inspired beard styles.

30. The Finn Wolfhard

Speaking of curly hair and popular hairstyles for men, let’s take a look and a very young actor who is the proud owner of what is, probably, the coolest name in Hollywood. Finn Wolfhard is not even 18 yet and he’s already a style star.

31. The Fionn Whitehead

The second best celebrity name on our list of the most popular hairstyles for men belongs to British actor Fionn Whitehead. The world met and fell in love with Fionn in Dunkirk where he starred opposite Harry Styles.

32. The Bruno Mars

Here’s a change of pace style-wise in the lovely shape of the one and only Bruno Mars. As usual, the formidable singer is wearing his 70s inspired medium afro with a fantastic glossy finish. We’re seeing some major finesse here topped with some 24K magic!

33. The A$AP Rocky

You know you made it big as a celebrity and that you have become a true style icon when the house of Dior invites you to be in their Homme campaign. That’s exactly what happened to rapper A$AP Rocky in 2017! King!

34. The Rami Malek

Egyptian actor Rami Malek has a facial bone structure to die for. When it comes to popular hairstyles for men, he chose a very classic haircut, reminiscent of old Hollywood. With that face and those green eyes, there’s really no need to gild the lily, is there?

35. The Bill Skarsgard

The latest treasure to come out of the phenomenally talented Skarsgard family is Bill, little brother to Alexander and Gustaf and son to Stellan. The world met him as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in Stephen King’s It.

36. The Kit Harrington

As far as popular hairstyles for men go, the King in the North makes a strong case for medium curly hair. He uses high-quality hair care products and a bit of glossing agent to get those curls shinning. You have to look good in all that snow, don’t you?

37. The Weekend

Hair has always played a major part in The Weekend’s career. When he first became famous, he used it as a means to stand out of the crowd and become more easily recognizable in such a competitive music industry. Later on, when he cut out all his dreads, the whole world gasped.

38. The John Legend

On the other hand, a man who needs no fireworks to make himself remarkable is John Legend. His voice and charisma have always been enough to put him on the map and win him all the awards of the industry, including Grammys, Golden Globes, and an Oscar.

39. The Rupert Grint

Is Rupert Grint the world’s favorite ginger of all time? He definitely knows how to rock popular hairstyles for men, so he may be. We all grew up with him, and he became an inspiration to redheads across the globe.

40. The Ed Sheeran

We might have spoken a bit too soon about pronouncing the world’s favorite redhead. Ed Sheeran is undoubtedly a contender. However, he has a different hairstyle. He has a bit of a curl in his hair, which he wears in a layered fashion.

41. The Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

This Game of Thrones superstar looks like Prince Charming in real life and we’re sure part of it is due to his amazing hairstyle. He wears a medium slick back with long layered bangs plus a fantastic beard that makes him look rugged and handsome.

42. The Daniel Radcliffe

What is it about British men in black and white photos? All grown up and ready to leave his boyhood adventures in the magical kingdom behind, Daniel Radcliffe shows off his most handsome of sides with this messy hairstyle and overgrown beard.

43. The Eddie Redmayne

But fear not because the contender to take his place in the wizarding world is none other than Eddie Redmayne himself. Regarding popular hairstyles for men, the actor wears a spiky but combed updo which elongates his youthful, freckly face.

44. The Justin Bieber

He might not be the singing sensation he was a few years ago, but the Biebs is still followed by millions of fans all over the world. The hairstyle he sports is a half brown half blonde one with taper sides and a slick back.

45. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Rightfully named the best soccer player in history, Cristiano Ronaldo is also known for his hairstyles. He quickly became a style icon when he rose to fame thanks to his immaculate physique, sporting the most popular hairstyles for men.

46. The Joe Manganiello

He was in Magic Mike and he’s married to Sofia Vergara. That might be all you need to know about Joe Manganiello, but we also need to talk about the popular hairstyles for men he wears. Joe loves short haircuts which accentuate his salt and pepper beard.

47. The Luke Evans

No one has hair like Gaston, no one dresses like Gaston, and definitely no one is quite as dashing as Gaston. We’re talking, of course about Luke Evans, his amazing short, black haircut, and wonderful choice of nude and white polka dot suit.

48. The Chris Evans

Let’s approach popular hairstyles for men in pairs and talk about another favorite of ours and another Evans, Chris. Captain America is very partial to a simple slick back which is extremely fashionable right now.

49. The Ricky Martin

This Latino singer shot back into fame thanks to his appearance on the hit mini TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace where he played the designer’s partner. With this occasion, the world rediscovered the beauty of Ricky Martin and his perfect hair.

50. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Whether forced by external circumstances or as a style choice, you can always take the route The Rock chose and shave off all your hair. Who says you need long, flowing locks to be one of the most handsome men in the world?


Style and fashion are forever changing, and the mere concept of the most popular hairstyles for men may be very different now that it was a year ago. That’s why it’s highly significant to stay on top of the trends. The best place to start is your favorite celebrities. They typically have an impeccable sense of fashion that can lead you in the right styling direction. Let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite!

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