A private pool in the back garden is the epitome of luxury and something that many of us dream about on a hot summer’s day. Although the UK is not exactly known for its long summers, we still get just about enough sunshine to make an outdoor swimming pool a worthwhile addition to our gardens and a welcome feature in our lifestyles.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a private pool, you’ll quickly realise that that is just the first of many decisions in the process. You’ll soon have to work out what type of pool you want, including its shape, size and depth. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer an in-ground or above-ground design and what kind of material it will be made from. All of these factors will obviously affect the price, but also how long it takes to build and the kind of maintenance you can expect once it’s finished.

To get you started, here are five of the essential things to consider when it comes to designing your pool.

Determine how much space you want to dedicate to your pool

Celebrity home and luxury hotel resorts are splashed across every social media site and glassy magazine, seemingly reminding us that the bigger the pool, the more glamorous it is. Sure, if your house is in the right location to install an infinity pool over an incredible vista then it would almost be rude not to do it, but size isn’t everything. Modern pools come in many compact designs (like these at Compass Pools), so whether you prefer swimming lengths, lounging in the shallows or going for a refreshing plunge, you can find the perfect pool with a modest footprint.

Be realistic about the size of your garden and how much space you would be happy to lose to a pool. Factor in additional features like steps, loungers and pool equipment and think about what else you might want to use the space in your garden for in future. You can also make the most of available space by investing in a hard-top cover for your pool, which will allow you to use the surface area even in winter.

Plan what shape will look best with your property

An essential factor in maintaining the value of your home when installing a pool is making sure it blends well with the rest of the property. A modern property with striking architecture should be complemented by a geometric pool (see Tom Ford’s stunning New Mexico home and pool for ideas), while a rural cottage might suit a pool with an ergonomic outline – or even a natural pool, built to resemble a pond.

Designing your pool to work harmoniously with your landscaping is guaranteed to keep it looking timeless for years to come.

Consider how much you are prepared to spend

Working out how much you are prepared to spend on not only the installation, but the maintenance of your pool is going to help you make a lot of decisions. Keep in mind that even one or two feet off of the size of your pool will create more room in your budget for luxury finishes and fun extras that will bring more joy in the long-term.

Work out the most suitable construction type for your home

The material you choose for your pool will be closely tied to your desired shape and how quickly you want it built. Work with your pool designer to decide the best pool material for your project.

Vinyl liners are available at the lowest up-front cost, but their comparatively fragile construction means that they will need replacing within around 10 years. They can also be damaged by boisterous behaviour, so might not be the best option for families with children or pets.

Concrete pools are excellent for incorporating special features into the design and are straightforward to build on-site. However, they take longer to build and generally require much more maintenance to keep their porous material clean.

Fibreglass pools come with a non-porous coating that inhibits algae growth, meaning fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool clean. The shell will be made in a factory and then lifted into your garden, so while size and shape options are a little limited, the trade-off is a quick installation and little ongoing maintenance.

Think about the type of swimmers will be using the pool

Are you a serious swimmer, keen to work on your strokes? Or are you already fantasising about hosting parties around your pool? The people you expect to use your pool the most should inform the design you choose. Lap-swimmers won’t get the most out of a kidney-shaped swimming pool, while families with young children should consider having a large shallow area in their pool or building a separate splash pool to keep them safe.

Although you have a lot of decisions to make, the good news is that spring is a great time to be making these plans. Depending on the size and style of pool you choose (and the accessibility of your garden), installation can take as little as 6 weeks – so you could be well on your way to a private oasis this summer!

photo via compass pools

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