Even though they have been all the rage in the past few years, mens fade haircuts have actually been around for a lot longer than that. They have always been a preferred detail by both men and stylists because they are easy to pull off as well as to maintain. It’s a classic look which you can adapt according to your wish and to almost any hairstyle you can think of, as you are about to see. Here are 45 modern mens fade haircuts ideas.

1. Wavy Mens Fade Haircuts

Let’s kick off our list with a very classic version of the fade, so that you can see what it might have looked in the roaring 20s. This is a subtle fade with an elegant hard part on one side and elevated finger waves on the other. Are you feeling dandy enough for this hairstyle?

2. Mens Fade Haircuts with Beard

You just know that you’re not riding the trends hard enough until you’ve mastered the bushy beard. Pair it with a disconnected taper fade and you are now the proud owner of the most worn hairstyle of the past couple of years.

3. Afro Mens Fade Haircuts

Just to prove that a fade goes well with anything, as we mentioned in the introduction, here is a high afro plus a well-trimmed and slim beard. Really, you can mix and match anything you want as long as you have a fade going on.

4. Mens Fade Haircuts with a Design

This one is mostly for children and teenagers, but you can try it as well, if you feel young enough at heart. When you get a taper fade, ask your stylist or barber to use his razor to give you a design of your choice. This one is a logo.

5. Blonde Tips

The 90s era brought us frosted tips. And, as we all now, we are now living through a full revival of the 90s. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything exactly the same they did it. Get creative! Instead of frosted tips, you can get blonde tips.

6. New Style Fade Haircuts

This is a modern pompadour with a natural parting thanks to the hair’s length volume and weight. It also has a few strands that are running wild across the forehead and which will make you all the more appealing to the ladies.

7. Ice Storm

This beautiful color combination is called ice storm. The reason is that it’s iceberg blonde on top with a gray fade on the bottom. It’s very unconventional but artistic color which will surely get you noticed out of a crowd.

8. Frosted Tips

Since we’ve already discussed frosted tips, why not show them to you? Here’s the modern version of the that much beloved 90s trend. Nowadays you can wear frosted tips in a high unicorn quiff with a natural dark base and a platinum tips.

9. Peacock Mens Fade Haircuts

If you’re undecisive about which hair color you should choose, we suggest the peacock version. This is a combination of three of four shades belonging more or less to the same palette and which go extremely well together.

10. Artificial Blue

This skin fade has been combined with one of the craziest shades you can possibly get. This is neon blue or artificial blue. It’s a completely unnatural color but it’s as cool as they come. You will look like a mutant from the XMen.

11. Summer Mint

Here’s another cooky idea for idea. Summer aficionados, meet mint green. It’s a fresh, lively, and vibrant shade of green, perfect for the summer holidays, when you’re off to the sea side or at a music festival.

12. Man Braids

Man braids are the latest trend which conquered the world of men’s styling. Slowly, but surely, men are starting to forget about man buns and top knots and turning their undivided attention to man braids. What do you say? Cool or uncool?

13. Hipster Mens Fade Haircuts?

Once it reaches the ranks of the hipsters, you know they’re going to do something groovy with it. Hipsters took the idea of a fade haircut and took it to the next level, just like they do with almost anything.

14. Cartoon Mens Fade Haircuts

Remember when you were a kid watching Cartoon Network and all you wanted was to get a haircut like one of those guys but your mom wouldn’t let you? Well, now you’re all grown up, and you can do what you want.

15. The Streaked Fauxhawk

Can you embellish a fauxhawk even more? Yes, of course you can. If you or your stylist are creative enough. This is the streaked mohawk. It has some beautiful blue and purple strands going through it, which make it even more interesting and glossy.

16. Teal Mens Fade Haircuts

We’re not done with the modern haircuts because we have not shown you teal yet. And you know juts how important this color is. It may be a color which we borrowed from the ladies, but it matters not. We wear it proudly with our taper fades.

17. The Crew Cut

If you’re a classic type of guy, don’t worry. We have an idea for you as well. This is a crew cut mixed with a men’s fade. Evidently, it comes to us straight from the military, which gives it a very burly and manly look.

18. The Pastel Merman

Here’s another trend which really caught on especially on Instagram in the past seasons. We’re talking about the pastel merman. The idea here is to get mens fade haircuts combined with a high and slick pompadour in a pastel color of your choice.

19. The Alexander Ludwig

You might remember him as a Disney kid or you might now him in his most recent role as Bjorn Ironside in the hit TV series Vikings. This is one of the haircuts he sported on the TV show and which he helped made famous. We love it!

20. The Zayn Malik

Do we actually need to tell you at this point just how famous Zayn Malik’s hair is? It’s probably more famous than some people in Hollywood. When Zayn decides to get a haircut, the whole world dissolves into tears of happiness and passion. Don’t believe us? Check out Twitter.

21. Fade Haircut with Long Hair on Top

If you’re looking into this haircut you’re basically saying you want the best of both worlds. We cannot blame you. The amazing thing is that you can actually get it because mens fade haircuts are that versatile.

22. Netted Braids

Here’s another way in which you can totally rock man braids this year. These are netted braids. They go on top of your head in a crisscross pattern until they form a net. You can tie the loose ends in a small braid at the back of your head.

23. The Joe Jonas

There are many celebrities who have embraced mens fade haircuts and Joe Jonas is just one of them. Here he is with teal hair over his natural dark locks and that perfect Jonas Brothers smile we’ve come to adore over the years.

joe jonas mens fade haircuts


24. Classic Fade Haircut

The classic fade hairstyle is simple enough. You ask your stylist to shave your undercut. In this way, you can show off your awesome tattoos if you have them. If not, maybe it’s time to get some? They have been really in style lately.

25. High Afro Mens Fade Haircuts

We’ve seen the polished afro so now it’s time for the high afro. The great thing about this haircut is that it requires little maintenance once you get it. A lot of guys with curly hair state that they even trim it themselves at home.

26. The Macho Beard

A great companion for your taper fade and hipster handlebar moustache will be your macho beard. Don’t shy away from growing it as long as you want it to be. Just remember to invest in some high-quality beard oil to keep it kissable at all times.

27. Textured Mens Fade Haircuts

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little texture to your stylish slick back hair. It will pull you out of your daily routine. Plus, it will make you all the more appealing to the ladies. You can get this look by simply running your fingers through your hair or by using a comb.

28. The High Pompadour

This example encompasses many stylish and modern elements. It’s a fade haircut with a high pompadour that has been raised in a fauxhawk with a big disconnect on the side. The beard has also been stylized into perfection. Don’t even get us started on the eyebrows.

29. Short Waves

Here’s another interesting combination. You can mix mens fade haircuts with your natural curly hair which has been styled into short waves. It’s a very classic and elegant look which transition very well from day to night.

30. Mature Mens Fade Haircuts

Did you happen to think that the fade was only for youngsters? You were definitely wrong. As long as you have a good barber, a killer fashion style, and enough confidence to pull it off, you can wear mens fade haircuts at any age.

31. The David Beckham

Since he has already tried every single haircut in recorder history during his career, David Beckham wasn’t going to say no to the taper fade. It’s a good thing he didn’t because he looks gorgeous. One scientific study named him one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.

32. The Brad Pitt

Speaking of which, the same scientific study postulated that actor Brad Pitt currently ranks as the second most handsome man in Hollywood. The crown was given to his best friends George Clooney. We’re sure he didn’t mind. You cannot argue with science.

33. Bald Mens Fade Haircuts

If you have a lot of skull tattoos and are keen to show them but really want to shave all of your head, the solution is simple. You can go for the bald fade. It’s exactly like the classic fade only that, instead of cutting the hair, your stylist will actually shave it off around the temples and in the back.

34. The Nelly

Rapper Nelly has been wearing the same haircut since Kelly Rowland was texting him in Excel in their video for Dilemma. You remember the blunder. As it turns out, this haircut is a simple crew cut, with the taper fade on the sides.

35. The Charlie Hunnam

You know him from The Legend of King Arthur and The Lost City of Z. Charlie Hunnam has a gorgeous head of natural blonde hair which he wears in a short and spiky taper fade. He also has a blonde beard to match, which makes him look a little bit like a Viking.

36. The Marlon Wayans

The king of mock comedy, Marlon Wayans seems like he can take any Hollywood movie and turn it into a comedy before you can say Scream. In real life he is a very handsome man and his super short and curly taper fade accentuates his gorgeous chiseled face.

37. The Idris Elba

Speaking of handsome men, there was no way we could have skipped mentioning Idris Elba. By the way, did you know he auditioned to play Gaston in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast but was turned down for being too old? He seems just fine to us, especially with that mens fade haircut.

38. Pink Pastel Mens Fade Haircut

We’re back to cooky color for this pastel bubble gum pink. If you have blue eyes and are looking for an unconventional color, this is the one. Make sure to dye your eyebrows as well, so that they can highlight the color of your eyes even more.

39. Grape Ombre Mens Fade Haircuts

An amazing hair trend which you can borrow from the ladies is ombre. This, for example, grape ombre, which starts with your natural brunette base and melts into a few strands of the purple shade which we call grape. You can choose your favorite color.

40. Hair Tattoos

Hair designs are also called hair tattoos, especially when they are performed in a taper fade that goes into a bald fade. You can choose a minimal design, such as this star or you can go for a more bombastic design.

41. Wild and Wavy

Wavy doesn’t just have to mean dandy and dapper like we showed you at the beginning of this piece. It can also be wild and careless. This is a beautiful, ‘just woke up like this’ look that require very little fixing up.

42. Cool Fade Haircut

Is there anything cooler than a purple and pink classic mohawk? Probably not. However, this goes to show that bald and taper fades have been around for much longer than we care to imagine. We’re just rediscovering them right now.

43. Shocked Afro Mens Fade Haircuts

It’s called a shocked afro because the little dreads are made to stand on end as if they have current running through them. We absolutely love this haircut and would gladly make this our look for a whole fashion year.

44. The Brush Cut

Here’s another revival for you. This one comes to us straight from the 80s, when brush cuts were all the rage. The modern element consists of the hair design and disconnect plus the exquisitely trimmed beard.

45. Short Fade Haircuts for Men

Now this is an architectural cut if we’ve ever seen one. It has so many elements worthy of copying that we’re just on the edge of our seats waiting to go to our stylist. Plus, just look at that dusty, faded lavender color!

Here are the 45 modern mens fade haircuts we promised in the beginning. Even though the fade has been with us for more years than we know, it is now gaining a lot of traction around the world once more. Join this wonderful fashion trend and choose one of the hairstyles we suggested for you!

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