The Mohawk haircut looks insanely attractive and eccentric. There are various kinds of variations of this hairstyle that have cropped up since it was introduced in the 70s. However, this article lists the trendiest and the coolest Mohawk haircuts for men. Scroll through our exhaustive selection below so that you can get an idea of what style suits you best. The Mohawk haircut is all about creativity and freedom of expression, which is exactly what you’ll find in our article!

1. Mohawk Haircut with a Buzz Cut

Combining a buzz cut with a buzz cut is one of the best ideas for summertime. The sides are buzzed, being not more than ¼ of an inch thick. The top part is left long. Plus, you can style it upwards with your fingers.

Mohawk haircut


2. The Curly Mid Fade Mohawk

This curly mid fade Mohawk is great for men with curly hair who are looking for something low maintenance. The hair on the sides is faded low and the top is long enough to ensure fewer visits at the stylist. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

3. High Fade Mohawk

The style of Mohawk crests may vary. This one has a loose pompadour. To achieve it, you will need a considerate amount of hair wax and styling imagination. The beard also contributes to the modern viking look.

Mohawk haircut


4. The Afro Mohawk Haircut

This curly Afro Mohawk or faux hawk haircut is considered to be a common haircut for black men. Trim the sides as short as possible and leave your curls fly free on top. The hair starts at the top of the forehead and runs circular.

5. Cool Mohawk Haircut Designs

When it comes to shaving your hair, there is always room for designs. Simple lines and geometrical figures are the most required but you can get anything you want. Adding a hair color will make the image even more creative.

Mohawk haircut


6. Taper Fade Mohawk

If you are not prepared for wild hair changes, you can just settle for a side sweep. If your hair is long enough on top then you can create all types of interesting styles with hair wax. Don’t forget some hairspray as the finishing touch.

7. Mohawk with Comb Over

have you got fine hair but still want an impressive hairstyle? No problem. The pompadour on top of your faux hawk or a Mohawk haircut doesn’t have to be large and voluminous. You can leave a thin strip of hair and create a high but fine pompadour.

Mohawk haircut


8. The Braided Mohawk Haircut

Turning heads has never been simpler than by adding braids on the top side part of your hair. This is not simple to acquire but with some professional barber help, you can obtain this modern hairstyle for an occasion when you really need to make a statement.

Mohawk haircut


9. The Thick Modern Mohawk Haircut

Mohawks look amazing with the right styling. If you are ready to take care of a large and voluminous Mohawk then you will have no problem arranging it. All the time invested in it will garner attention and admiration.

Mohawk haircut


10. Low Faded Mohawk Haircut

The low fade has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years. The main reason is that it looks cool. However, men also go for it because it’s very versatile. This means you can pair it up with almost any other hairstyle.

11. The Slick Mohawk Haircut

This is a suitable hairstyle for a man who is not afraid to take care of his hair. It’s a very low slick back with a taper fade which can also be transformed into a Mohawk whenever you feel the need. All you require is a considerable amount of hair wax.

12. The Military Mohawk Haircut

If you want a Mohawk hairstyle without the hassle, go for the military Mohawk. It is created by shaving your sides and leaving the top flat lined. The hair should be left as it is. Although it originated in the actual military, it has now crossed over into pop culture.

13. The Wet and Textured Mohawk Haircut

Men with fine hair can go for this wet and textured haircut. The hair on the sides received the buzz cut treatment. The top part is  longer and layered. Sweep it upwards by applying copious amounts of hair gel.

14. The Comb Over Mohawk

As the name suggests, the comb over Mohawk will have you comb over the traditional spikes instead of letting the point upward. Adding a touch of color to your new hairstyle is always a good idea. Choose a complimentary pallette such as pink and purple.

15. Wavy Quiff Hawk

If you want to boost the effect of your Mohawk, add color to it. This season’s top trends are non conventional colors such as this light teal. Use temporary hair color if you want to experiment with other tones in the future.

Mohawk haircut


16. The Curly Pompadour  Mohawk Haircut

A special way to arrange the top of your Mohawk is to create a curly pompadour. In order to build an impressive top part, you will need to grow your hair long. You can go further by drying the hair towards the middle to create the wave illusion.

Mohawk haircut


17. The Feathery Mohawk Haircut

This feathery hawk is perfect for men who really want to let their eccentric and creative side shine.  The sides are buzzed and the top long part is arranged into a high and wavy comb over. You can also notice a hair tattoo in a geometrical pattern on the side.

18. The Natural and Curly Mohawk

This fade with natural curls make an impressive Mohawk hairstyle for guys who like a visible contrast between the sides and the top. All you need to do is play with the the top part. You can leave it messy for a windblown look or arrange it with hair gel.

Mohawk haircut


19. The Medium Mohawk

This medium Mohawk will be an iconic look for whomever chooses to wear it. The hair on the sides is fixed with hairspray while the rest of hair is left long on top. The hair is turned towards the middle. Hair gel is the base product for this timeless look.

20. The Minimal Mohawk Haircut

As we mentioned before, Mohawks now come in all shapes and sizes. When the word fauxhawk was introduced, all the rules flew out the window. That’s why you can now take all the creative liberties you want with the Mohawk.

21. The Punk Style Mohawk

99% of the people who hear about a Mohawk imagine this haircut. It’s the seminal hairstyle, the one who created it all. It has become so well known that it has its very own slice of pop and rock culture.

Mohawk haircut


22. The High Fade Side Mohawk

This original Mohawk is created by making a high fade and leaving a lot of hair on top. The fade makes this haircut very special since all the hair on the sides is shaved. The top can be lifted and styled with hair gel or left on one side.

Mohawk haircut


23. The Shaped Up Hawk

This shaped up Mohawk hairstyle is a great choice if you’re into geometrical or architectural hairstyles. All the hair is cut short on the sides. The top part is left long and style in a three dimensional V. A shape up with hair wax can do the trick.

24. The Heartbreaker Mohawk

This medium windblown Mohawk haircut is very simple to achieve. All you will need to do is let the top part hang randomly and apply a bit of hair gel. This natural looking messy hairstyle is great for men with fine and straight hair.

Mohawk haircut


25. The Undercut Mohawk Haircut

The Undercut Mohawk haircut looks really original and is very much in trend right now. Instead of shaving the hair in the back as the modern Mohawk rules tell you to, just buzz the sides as you would in an undercut. Leave the top long to outline the contrast.

26. The Messy Hawk

Here’s the rule you need to live by. The wider the top is, the more eccentric the Mohawk can look. Use high quality hair products for a long lasting masterpiece. Hair wax as well as hairspray are a must for this hairstyle.

Mohawk haircut


27. The Handsome Mohawk Haircut

If you have thick and straight hair, this modern and classy Mohawk is for you. The hair on the sides is gradually faded and the top is left long, creating a side pompadour. Leave a few strands of hair hanging carelessly on your forehead.

Mohawk haircut


28. The Aqua Mohawk Haircut

If you believe that a high-crested Mohawk is not making a big enough statement then you can opt for an eccentric color. Therefore, go for aqua or expand your options. Consider making something out of the ordinary by blending it with emerald or sapphire shades.

Mohawk haircut


29. High and Spiky Mohawk

This Mohawk haircut is actually a high fade. The hair on the sides is kept short and the hair on top is left long and spiked in order to create a major contrast. The hair dye also contributes to the look, making it trendy and modern.

Mohawk haircut


30. The Creative Mohawk

Get creative by choosing a haircut and by making it look as much as a Mohawk as possible. Along with buzzed sides, dye the top and twist it in a twirl or a Victory Roll.  We also support this metallic teal color.

Mohawk haircut


31. The Hipster Mohawk Haircut

Another easy way to go get a Mohawk is to make a visible contrast. The contrast between the side hair length and the top part gives it a modern yet wild appearance. Hair powder is used to accentuate the messy look. Here are more hipster hairstyles.

Mohawk haircut


32. The Shaggy  Mohawk Haircut

A shaggy Mohawk haircut is a great choice for  men with thick hair. The hair is cut short on the sides, while the locks on top are left long and require just a bit of styling to keep them high in the front.

33. The Mohawk with Dreads

The modern Mohawk can also be made up of dreads. The basic principle of the hairstyle is the same. However, the difference is that, instead of the traditional spikes, you can use your dreads to create this most daring of hairstyles.

34. The Asymmetrical Hawk

Your Mohawk will look even more eccentric if you go for the asymmetrical style. There is nothing more fascinating. Start with a hard part on one side instead of keeping it in the middle. Add a non traditional hair color, and you will really stand out of the crowd.

35. The Punk Mohawk

This peach colored Mohawk is absolutely stunning. It perfectly represents everything that the Punk rock movement stood for – liberty, freeing oneself of the norms of earlier decade, and expressing yourself in the most creative way possible.

36. The Casual Mohawk

This one is a very simple Mohawk haircut that men of all ages can sport. The hair on the sides is medium and left long on top and the back, creating a very light Mohawk version.

37. The 50s Mohawk Haircut

The Mohawk can also borrow from the 50s inspiration-wise. Think about the greaser haircuts and then add a Mohawk. Are you a little stooped as to what that might look like? Take a look at the gorgeous example below.

38. The Low Fade with a Wavy Pompadour

A low fade with a wavy pompadour makes an impression of a Mohawk for anyone who fears shaving his head. This trendy haircut will certainly be a hit anywhere you go. It is neat enough to wear it daily and wild enough to make a statement.

Mohawk haircut


39. The Jared Leto

Even though we can’t name many of them, celebrities have fallen under the spell of the Mohawk as well. Singer and actor Jared Leto is one of them. Therefore, here he is with an outstanding platinum blonde and neon pink Mohawk and sunglasses to match.

40. The Shoulder Length Mohawk

Some men go for long hairstyles but they don’t quite enjoy all types of issues that come with it. Therefore, why not try a long Mohawk haircut? Limit the dreads to just dry powder application. You can opt for a mixture of colors.

Mohawk haircut


41. The Bald Fade Mohawk Haircut

Bald fades have also been really big these past few seasons as far as trends go. A bald fade is essentially the same as a taper fade, the only difference being the fact that the whole sides and back of the head are shaved down.

42. The Contemporary Mohawk Haircut

New style trends have managed to bring the Mohawk haircut into the 21st century in a fantastic fashion. Therefore, it’s really refreshing to see that we can take decades-old haircuts and make them new and interesting again.

43. The Afro Weave Mohawk

This Mohawk is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s an Afro that has been weaved into a hive pattern using dreads. Therefore, this really goes to show how versatile Mohawks have become and that you can get any style you want.

44. The Blonde Dreads Mohawk Haircut

Speaking of dreads, here is another way in which you can use them. If you’re tired of simply carrying them sleek and straight, why not fashion them into an intricate and sophisticated Mohawk?

45. The Rainbow Mohawk

It’s all about color with this Mohawk. The style is classic, with the sides being buzzed down and the top of the hair put up into long spikes. However, the choice of color is the main attraction here, seeing as it’s a rainbow assortment.


Getting the Mohawk haircut can be a great way to diversify your look. Don’t opt out of trying something new and daring, even if it is a bit outrageous. The Mohawk has always been considered the territory of the bravest and most creative of all men but who’s to say that’s not you? Let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite Mohawk!

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