42 Amazing ideas with natural pergolas in the garden, and how to organize the space around the trees

At such a time when the heat is unbearable, only the shade of the trees and plants of the yard and the garden can cool us. Because we are in the full season of outdoor settings, we suggest that you follow in this article our most beautiful ideas from natural pergolas.

Pergolas for the garden that will enchant you with their beauty

Each of us has a favorite place in the yard. It may be on the veranda, gazebo or even in the shade of trees or plants. And that’s why we have prepared many ideas in the following pictures. But what does the natural pergola mean? It is the same as the shady part of the garden trees or the vines. The difference is that it is a slightly more standardized name. But the idea remains the same. We can protect ourselves from the heat of the summer in the shade of trees in the yard and the garden. In addition, such a space also offers the relaxation we need every day.

The high temperatures of the summer send us, or rather tell us, to look for shady places. And the best places are those offered by the shade of the trees. But to make you feel as comfortable as possible, a little transformation is needed. And when we say transformation, we think of the simple layout of this space. A set of standard furniture consisting of a table and several chairs is enough.

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Without more words on the images below you can find ideas with natural pergola in the garden that will relax you and cool you down in summer.









































Images via: Pinterest