Plants invigorate the home! In an era where connecting with nature often requires scheduled trips, bringing the outdoors inside is a welcome relief from the plaster and concrete that makes up our everyday surroundings. But what if you’re short on space to accommodate ordinary houseplants? This post has the answer! Hanging planters make it easy to start a vertical garden wherever you are. Whether you’re looking to enliven your office cubicle or want to freshen up the atmosphere of your apartment, this list of stylish planters is sure to offer some ideas. We know you’ll find something to suit your budding indoor garden no matter your style.

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Jellyfish Hanging Planters: Let’s start with something especially impressive, perfect for modern and classic interiors alike. Sea urchin shells form the body of the jellyfish and the long tendrils of the tillandsia air plants represent the hypnotic tentacles – just hang them up with the included clear string and enjoy the illusion of jellyfish floating gracefully as if underwater.

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Octopus Hanging Planter: Handcrafted in Italy, these air plant holders offer a different take on nautical style – this time, with an adorable sleepy octopus woven from soft yarn. These sweet octopi are available in a huge range of colors.

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Tiny Hanging Pot Planters: Macramé hangers are a classic part of any bohemian chic interior, retro and timeless all at once. The planters aren’t included, but the ones pictured here are just 4 inches in diameter to give a sense of scale.

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Hanging Shell Planters: These pure white ceramic shells would look beautiful within any decor style. Nautical themes are especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens, where air plants like these absolutely thrive due to the extra humidity.

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Cute Planters With Legs: They look like they could jump up and do a little dance at any moment! Fully glazed ceramic makes them easy to clean, but they don’t have drainage holes so be prepared with a little pea gravel instead.

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Overhead Hanging Planters: Ever wanted to grow an herb garden in your kitchen, but don’t have enough space to store the planters on shelves or counters? Unlike similar upside-down planters, these are made from high-quality ceramic for a more high-end aesthetic. A carefully engineered reservoir gradually waters the plants and a mesh panel keeps soil in place.

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Unique Vertical Succulent Planter: Triple up on your amount of succulent greenery without using up more space! These vertical planters are perfect for small spaces and the brass, silver, and bronze hues would look great in an apartment decorated with industrial or luxury themes.

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Porcelain Hanging Planters: Lather, porcelain, and maple come together to create charmingly simple planters that would look gorgeous in a Scandinavian or minimalist interior. The smooth matte finish allows the plants themselves to take center stage.

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Wood And Leather Wall Hanging Planter: Rustic and modern interiors alike would benefit from a simple wooden planter like this one. Straps are available in tan, red, green, blue, and black to match your favorite color palette.

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Hexagonal Wall Hanging Planter: Geometric decor is still hotter than ever! Hexagons are great for making modular designs – hang them flush together or spread apart, the choice is entirely yours to make. Each planter is handmade by artisans in California.

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Porcelain Wall Hanging Planters: Like river-polished stones, these ceramic planters feel organic and easy on the eye. Include these within a minimalist interior to help break an emphasis on straight lines or sharp forms.

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Novelty Hanging Planter: First things first – the planters themselves are not included with this set. Otherwise, the hangers themselves are a stylish solution for outdoor vertical gardens. This design is intended to hold any pot with a 6 inch diameter.

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Elephant Shaped Wall Hanging Succulent Planter: Here’s a fresh take on a vertical wall gardens! Turn your favorite succulent varieties into living artwork with this handmade wooden planter frame. Each one ships with ready-planted succulents and cacti over a bed of preserved Spanish moss.

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Humming Bird Shaped Wall Hanging Planter: Bird loves are sure to appreciate this one. The wood stain is especially impressive, giving the illusion of a verdant hummingbird over a smooth landscape. Use this piece in rustic or desert-themed interiors for a gorgeous effect.

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Owl Shaped Wall Hanging Planter: Owls are just too cool! This piece includes a reclaimed branch as a perch, enhancing its prominence as a 3D wall sculpture.

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Cat Shaped Wall Planter: Don’t forget feline aficionados! Everybody knows someone who can’t have enough cat-themed decoration in their lives. This would make a wonderful gift for a cat owner – vertical gardens are extra appreciated since kitties can’t dig in the dirt or eat the leaves as they might with ordinary houseplants.

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Tree Shaped Wall Planter: The best thing about cacti and succulents is the maintenance factor. They do best in indirect sunlight so you can hang them anywhere, they’re drought-resistant so they’re more likely to survive long vacations without their owners, and they’re quick to provide offshoots to expand your garden.

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Heart Shaped Succulent Wall Hanging Planter: Although the succulents are not included with this planter, the shape and idea are both very neat. Spread the love in your home by cultivating your own heart-shaped vertical garden anywhere.

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Hanging Glass Wall Planters: Plants that do well in water – like philodendron cuttings – look wonderful in transparent planters. Technically, these are likely a little too small to accommodate fish as the pictures show, but the transparency still makes it easy to include colorful stones to coordinate with your decor.

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Porcelain Planter Hung From Rope: Soft yarn rope and matte porcelain is a match made in heaven. This ceramic planter measures up at a petite 4 inches wide, perfect to hang in a small space like a compact home office or on the rare bare wall in the kitchen.

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Diamond Shaped Hanging Planter: Does your geometric decor theme need a touch of the organic? This planter combines the best of both worlds. Biodegradable 3D printing technology makes it perfect for the sustainable home. Drainage holes allow for a range of plant possibilities, although this piece would work well as a hanging holder for office supplies or other small objects as well.

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Coconut Shell Hanging Planter: Natural coconut shell gains a fresh second life as a beautiful planter. Thai artisans create each one by hand. This style would look equally at home in a tropical, bohemian, or Asian style interior theme.

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Hemispherical Hanging Planters: Made from resin rather than wicker as it appears, these planters are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. A sealed inner bowl and drainage plug make plant maintenance so much easier than more restrictive options.

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Hanging Planter With Wood Hook: So many hanging planters on the market are missing this one crucial element! This planter includes a natural wooden hook so you won’t be restricted to ceilings alone. This package includes the macramé sling and the hook so you can supply the planter you’ve been waiting to use.

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Modern Hanging Planter: Rugged PVC construction, stainless steel hanging cables, and ample drainage holes ensure this planter (and hopefully, the plants you put in them) can withstand the elements indoors or out.

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Triangular Hanging Planter: One of the most desirable features of hanging planters is the fact that you can choose a pot of any shape, not just flat-bottomed. This handmade cacti/succulent holder includes plenty of drainage holes to preserve the health of low-water plants.

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Conical Concrete Planter: Concrete is the ultimate decor material for industrial-themed homes. Complement your dedicated color palette with the selection of red, rose, or white accents. The rope hangers are included, but the plants are not.

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Scalloped Conical Planter: Celadon-glazed porcelain comes together in the shape of a cone, with one scalloped edge to provide visual interest beyond the plant that takes root inside. Organic hemp cord makes hanging easy and eco-friendly.

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Tapered Porcelain Planter With Drainage: Asymmetric decor is a growing trend in modern home design. This piece fits the bill just perfectly with its pinched seam and swirling folded reservoir. Leather cord offers a unique alternative to the typical chain link or woven string hanging options.

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Hanging Terrarium Planter Kit: Everything you need to grow vibrant low-maintenance tillandsia in one easy package. This set includes two vented terrariums with flat bottoms and twine hangers, attractive river pebbles, live green moss, and a convenient spritz bottle of air plant fertilizer to keep your terrarium looking healthy for years to come.

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