3 in 1: Spring Necklace, a Bracelet & a Cuff

Deep through a thick forest, there is a dirt winding road that ends up at an open green valley embroidered with colorful wild flowers. 
The air is laden with invigorating fragrances and the silence is decorated by the nature’s unique orchestra composed of buzzing bees and insects and the chirping and singing of birds.  There you find me taking all these in, soaking them up. 

I love taking long walks in nature, exploring and discovering with all my senses wide open and finally I take photos, fearing that these images might fade out in time. 
When searching for inspiration for my work, I invoke images similar to the opening one of this post, which was used to create this.

I am happy to show you my newest piece – a necklace which turns into a bracelet and a cuff. 

The tube necklace turns into a bracelet, but I didn’t take a picture of it for this post. I am planning a video with Eva as to show you how it transforms.

I am working on several more in different colors and cannot wait to show them all!