3 DIY Spring Decor Projects to Try | Fish & Bull

Well, Spring is in full bloom! I thought this day would never come ? What better way to celebrate than with three DIY Spring decor projects. If you’re in spring cleaning mode (or if you haven’t started yet) these DIYs will help you clear out the old and make room for the new — here’s a roundup of the projects I’ve shared this month as a contributor for Martha Stewart:

Time for spring cleaning…literally! These DIY Pressed Flower Bar Soaps (shown above ^) are SO easy and are made with only three ingredients. That’s it. They would make the cutest birthday gift or bridal shower favor.

3 DIY Spring Decor Projects to Try | Fish & Bull

This DIY Modern Birdhouse has lovely little details like wooden roof shingles and a cool A-frame shape. It’s definitely not your average milk carton birdhouse but that’s a good thing. Wouldn’t this look so pretty hanging up in the backyard?

3 DIY Spring Decor Projects to Try | Fish & Bull

Looking for an easy way to freshen up your home? You’ve got to try this DIY All Natural Room Spray. It’s made with natural essential oils and you’ll love how good it smells. So much better (and softer smelling) than harsh air fresheners. You can check out the details of this project and more over on Martha Stewart.


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