Have you ever dreamed of having your own swimming pool and for some people that dream is a reality, even they are lucky enough to have a garden with a swimming pool. But for some reason, the swimming pool is not enough, sometimes you also need a holiday atmosphere is what you get though it was just being around the house. Today there are many holiday-inspired swimming pool designs, you just need to choose the right theme that will really make you feel comfortable in the pool. Among the many swimming pool designs around the world, the Morocco pool is one of the most popular with a strong Middle Eastern look, this style combines three elements at once which include detail, texture, and geometry. Morocco swimming pools are also known for their rich, luxurious and exotic feel.

Moroccan culture is always an attraction for everyone. If you have been familiar with Moroccan style home decor, then today I will inspire you with a colorful Moroccan swimming pool covering many elements ranging from traditional, antique to modern pool style that you can match your outdoor concept. Have you ever had a vacation to Morocco? Or you’ve stayed in the center of the medina or return to the former palace hotel? Take the magic of Morocco to the outdoors. In the following I have compiled 25 Moroccan swimming pool designs that are hard to miss. Dive deeper, pay attention to texture, color selection and decoration.

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