New year's resolution ideas for 2020

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Wow, ya’ll. It has been a MINUTE since I’ve written anything here. The reason—which I am sure is a broken record at this point— is that I was super busy stitching lovely custom embroidered collars from October up to Christmas. Sadly, Brown Paper Bag had to take a backseat during that time.

With more time to breath (and reflect), I’ve been thinking about 2020 and what I’d like to make time for. The first thing I thought of was this blog; I intend to go back to writing in it Monday through Friday. The second thing was to spend more time cooking, and the third was to assemble more jigsaw puzzles.

What about you? You probably have a few things that you’d like to accomplish. I find that the best way to support myself in my resolutions is to buy myself something to get started. It doesn’t have to be big, but the joy of getting something new helps motivate me. And often, the things I buy make it easier to achieve my resolutions.

Through my Etsy favorites, I’ve been making a list of items that will support your new year’s resolution ideas. If you’re interested in learning the crochet technique amigurumi, for instance, I’ve found a darling anteater pattern. But if you’re like me and want to cook more, I’ve also shared a Nordic-inspired oven mitt that is both beautiful and functional.

Scroll below for ways to support your new year’s resolutions.

If your resolution is to…


… get organized, be it on paper or in your home:

2020 Planner


Beetle Unruled Notebook


Cactus Pegboard


Vintage Woven Swan Basket


… learn a new craft:

Crazy Prarie Punch Needle Kit


Cockatoo Scarf Knitting Pattern


Staring Contest Printed Quilt Pattern


André the Anteater Amigurumi Pattern


Chubby Platypus Yarn Bowl


Narwhal Ceramic Palette


Washington State Embroidery Pattern


… host more dinner parties:

Nordic Rabbit Oven Mitts


Design-Your-Own 10″ Cake Stand


Dessert Porcelain Bowl


Animal Plate Set




Fox Bottle Stopper


… take a damn nap and get better at self-care:


Cloud-Shaped Bath Soap


Yoga Mat Bag


Thorn & Snake Wide-Leg Pants (I have a pair—the jersey is so soft and cozy)

New year's resolution ideas for 2020

New year's resolution ideas for 2020

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