Looking for some new IKEA inspiration? Well, we thought we may help you out in finding the perfect items for your living room. Starting from sofaa and moving on to rugs and lighting pieces, here are ten dreamy ideas for you:

1. The happy couch

If you’re looking for a pop of color in a neutral home, this Vimle sofa is the perfect item for you. Comfy and with an optimistic color, this sofa will definitely cheer up your living space.

2. The cool storage

This Fjalbbo masculine storage solution is ideal for a classy living room with many things lying around. So, get rid of your living room clutter and store your thing in an elegant way.

3. A stylish factor

If you’re looking for a touch of style in your home, this Vedbo chair can be a key item for your living space. Elegant and with a retro design, this chair will make your days spent at home more comfortable.


4. The stripes obsession

This Karbak carpet is perfect for a mid century living room and also an elegant or traditional one. The stripes will make your living space more chic and your guest will love it.

5. TV time!

Looking for a cool TV unit? Well, this is Besta unit is a great idea for any kind of living pace. From a Scandi room to an eclectic one, this TV unit is simply timeless, but has also a modern vibe to it.

6. Duality

Simple, yet functional, this Nyboda side table has a cute stylish twist. It’s reversible and it can turn from white to black in no time and also can change a little the look of your dreamy living room.

7. Organize, organize, organize

There a lot of decorating ideas for your living room and this Kallax shelf insert will help you organize them better, prettier, all having a simple and neutral design. Cool, right?

8. Lights up!

This beautiful IKEA lamp from the 2017 Stockholm collection has a gorgeous design. Also, its metallic shade can make any neutral room look more glam and modern.

9. Orange mood

This pretty and orange rug from the Stockholm IKEA collection can add a lot of personality to your living space and a pop of color for a mid century room or a Scandinavian one.

10. Relax, take it easy!

What a cute pattern for a minimal or Scandinavian room. We are totally in love! Use this cute cushion to add personality to your living room sofa and you will definitely love it more!

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