Can you feel it – Spring is almost here again. And you know what is here again too? Me, Allan Torp. In all honesty I can’t really complain much, as the weather has been relatively mild in Copenhagen, just a lot of rain, and I’ll spend more or less all of February in Los Angeles where I am currently and the weather is sunny and warm! Here are 10 things for February that I love, that you may like too.

Allan Torp


It is not often a new Danish brand launches with more than 100 new pieces of furniture, but in Stockholm (where I just attended the furniture fair), Warm Nordic did. With clear reference to Danish mid-century design, Warm Nordic shared original pieces brought back to life, but also many new pieces.

Many times, it’s been discussed if the mid-century era can keep momentum and how brands keep finding pieces that are not yet in production. I, of course, would love to see new designers make it big too, but as long as there are so many undiscovered beauties from the past, I welcome them.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February

 2 // ART:

Another relatively new Danish brand is Wulffwinding, a partnership between Christina Wulff and Josefine Winding. Drawing inspiration from nature, they manufacture and design the most stunning, vivid, exclusive, dynamic and inspiring wall sculptures. Their sculptures comes in different sizes and materials, not making it super easy to decide which one would suit ones wall best.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February


When I am in LA, I live in Topanga, as I see this as my second home it is nice to have something in Copenhagen that can remind me of the canyon every day. I brought home a few pieces of Earth + Element ceramics on my latest trip. I love the great handmade feeling of the imperfect edges and the glaze is just perfect for my Nordic Scandi home. I use the bowl in my kitchen as a catch-all bowl and it looks great among my other small bowls.

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 4 // SLEEP:

Staycations are the best, being a tourist in your own city. Just in the new year I had the pleasure of experiencing one night at the majestic Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. One of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen and certainly with the best view of the city center and Tivoli. The hotel just went through a renovation adding many great new modern furniture to the many Arne Jacobsen icons. Jacobsen is the mastermind behind the hotel and designed everything for the grand opening in 1960.

Luckily there is one exception to the renovation, and that’s room 606 – the room is still standing exactly like Mr. Jacobsen intended it. If you ask nicely in the reception, you might be lucky to get a quick look inside.

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5 // LISTEN:

I’ve been anticipating Justin Timberlake’s new album and so I have been playing Say Something on repeat for a while now. Maybe even better is the video for the song, where Timberlake worked with La Blogothèque, a Paris-based collection of filmmakers – it’s a remarkable truly live, single-shot experience. Hit play and learn back for the next 6,5 minutes its pure poetry.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February

6 // GROOM:

This past month I’ve been testing relatively cheaper brands for this grooming section – Vichy, Bulldog and Rituals.

I am no expert believe me, quite often I am way too cheap to spend a lot on grooming and I am not even sure if you can see the difference. Daily moisturizing is pretty much all I use and remember, I throw on the occasional face mask, but in the shower and for my beard I use brands which looks and smell nice – and most importantly are affordable.

None of these brands are Aesop or Le Labo when it comes to packaging, but all blend in quite well without being too noisy if you know what I mean. Bulldog Skincare is created for men and are all parabens and synthetic substance free, which I enjoy, and I really appreciate the smell of menthol in the shower gel.

Apparently Japanese Samurai warriors have known for centuries that a strict grooming routine gives you more power and confidence. And after using the Ritual Samurai face cream for the past month I kind of have to agree. Especially the anti-age and energizing face balm has a very freshening and vitalizing effect.

Last but not least, I’ve been using the Vichy Homme shaving range, not that I shave that often, but when I do, I like product that actually work, and this one does. I tend to get really red skin when shaving, and the anti-irritation foam and soothing after shave balm have really helped.

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7 // READ:

Fritz Hansen’s In Perfect Shape is everything a coffee table book should be: fantastic photos, incisive text, and beautiful design that makes you want to leaf through the book again and again for inspiration if not only to dream about your very own iconic pieces like Poul Kjærholm’s PK22 or Arne Jacobsen’s Swan in your own living room.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February

8 // EAT:

Every year in one week of February (11-18th) its Copenhagen Dining Week, which basically means that you can eat at 200 of all the great restaurants at a super low rate for a fixed menu. This year, same week, foodies can end their night out with great drinks as Copenhagen Cocktail Week will take place for the first time too. I’ve already tested the two cocktails that will be served throughout all the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen, and I’ll tell you, if you are in town, you are in for a treat.


9 // SHOP:

Every capital has its own amazing concept store and in Oslo its called Kollekted By and is owned and managed by Norwegian power stylist couple Jannike Kråkvik and Alessandro D´Orazio. Kollekted By and is four beautiful rooms with large windows and they sell all their favorite furniture, lighting and interior objects from around the world from brands like Fogia, Menu, New Works, Another Country, Hasami, Please Wait to be Seated, Flos, Restart Milano, Artek and many more. It’s also the place to visit if you are looking for unique Norwegian design objects which is all represented by Kollekted By.

10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February10 Interiors + Lifestyle Things I Love For February


In January we said goodbye to one grand name of interior design, Ingvar Kamprad, who has died at age 91. And although he might not be a household name, the company that made him a billionaire most certainly is. Ikea, the Swedish flat-pack furniture group with 412 stores in 49 countries, bears the name that Kamprad registered in 1943, at the age of only 17. Ikea is for everyone and will continue to break barriers as they work with some of modern times biggest designers like Ilse Crawford and Tom Dixon. In fact, some statistics have claimed that more than 10% of the population of Europe have been conceived in an Ikea bed.

Ingvar Kamprad

See you again in March with some more favorites! But first, don’t miss THIS on my blog, it’s something very special that I found during the Stockholm Furniture Fair…

Allan Torp.

[Editor’s Note: All grooming products and the Fritz Hansen book are gifted as part of reviewing for this column in partnership between Allan Torp and the brands. This review is provided by Allan Torp for decor8, any collaborations are his own. All words and opinions are his own.]


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