The weather is still warm outside, even though it is now approaching winter, for those of you who live in urban areas it is the best time to spend it outdoors. Today I want to move from an interior design project to our outdoor retreat. As long as there’s a chance, I don’t want to spend the warmer months sitting in the sun and enjoying cooking and dining with family and friends in the great outdoors.

However, are you sure your garden is in accordance with what you expect? In addition to creating entertainment zones and beautiful landscapes, grass is a decorative element that makes your patio and garden feel more at one with the environment. Especially if you only have a roof or a small backyard, this lawn décor is a great addition to any style of urban retreat. This patios and garden design collection presents 7 of the best ideas on how to turn any existing area into an open lounge space with a natural touch.

1. Rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens may be familiar with being a green zone in urban areas. The combination of concrete and grass is absolutely beautiful with a touch of wood furnishings that warms the atmosphere.


2. Coastal vibe

Want to bring a beach vacation vibe to your outdoor entertainment zone? Place beach chairs on a wooden deck and create a landscape with grass, plants and sand.


3. Raise the beds

Raised beds are a great combination for a lawn garden. It adds a contemporary effect and natural ambiance to an outdoor retreat.


4. Outdoor pallet

An outdoor entertainment zone would not be complete without a kitchen and dining area where we can enjoy some fresh air. Create a guardrail from wooden pallets for added privacy


5. Bold wall statement

Replace plain wall colors with bold colors for your patio statement walls. Choose bright colors that contrast with the garden landscape to give the outdoors a festive feel.


6. Patios and decking

If you are looking for a low maintenance feel and garden, then add decking and artificial grass that does not require special care.


7. Transform a corner

If your garden corner is small, you can decorate with the right arrangement ideas. This terrace has been transformed into a cozy urban haven with beautiful furniture and lighting.


8. Create a landscapes

Building and designing a garden landscape is the best way to get the entertainment zone you dream of. If you are lucky to have a large enough area, try to maximize it with more grass and plants.


9. Gravel and grass garden

A gravel garden is one of the easiest ways to create a garden in a confined area. For urban areas, gravel garden ideas are in great demand. However, you should still add green elements like grass and some low maintenance plants if you don’t have much time for them.


10. Outdoor living space

The best thing about being outdoors is being able to enjoy it with the people we care about. Like creating a comfortable outdoor living room with this deck and surrounded by grass.


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