I’m a huuuge coffee lover so naturally I go to the best coffee places in town in search of the best coffee. These coffee places that I go to have some amazing decor and I’m always amazed by how peaceful and relaxed I feel after visiting these places so I decided to get inspired and create on of my own in my own home. So for all the coffee lovers out there that have love not only for the coffee but for the places too then these dreamy at home coffee corners are for you!


You can try a very minimal coffee station using only the basics for a delicious coffee or you can create a complete coffee corner by using a table or a set of shelves and add your coffee machine and all the necessary accessories. Don’t forget about your favourite mugs and all the delicious spices that go into the perfect cup of coffee.


You can assemble these cute coffee stations in your kitchen, hall or even living room. If you want it in your living room you can simply exhibit it like you would with an alcohol bar station. Make it look luxurious by adding a piece of art above it and all your guests are going to love hanging out at your place. You’re no longer going to feel the need to go to coffee shops or cafes because you are going to have the perfect place right in your home. Lovely!










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