You’ve been led to think that the essence of elegance is in shopping expensive items or collecting antique furniture pieces from medieval times. You dream about transforming your homes into that celebrity house you saw in a magazine; but what you may not realize is that you don’t have to buy expensive items to transform your living space into a luxurious home. You just need to know a few simple tricks!

Interior designers over the years have shared some trade secrets that provide insight on how homeowners can make their homes more stylish without going broke. This article highlights the best budget-friendly tips that will raise the value of your home and trick guests into believing you’re living a million dollar life.

  • Prepare the ground

The evident barrier facing home decorators as they attempt to redesign their home is clearing out clusters of junk accumulated since they moved in. Ruthless declutter is key and the process is only complete if you’re left with only bare essentials you use on a daily basis. Possessions sometimes can hold you back and de-cluttering is a way to let go.

  • Every detail matters – Crowd Molding

Where superb home décor is concerned, it’s all in the small details. Crowd molding makes a room look complete by bringing ceilings and walls together for a distinguished appearance. Without these extra touches, the home looks bland and cheap.

It is affordable on any budget, especially if you’re using the printable, plastic versions. There are different width to choose from, but for the best impact, use a wide trim that fits into your budget. For ultimate glamor, include different assortment of molding in your home such as ceiling beams, medallions, columns, chair rails, etc.

  • Use mirrors to give the illusion of space

Mirrors are an essential accessory that makes your home more glamorous, trendy and light. Every room should have one for uniformity. The cost of quality mirrors varies, but there are cheaper options you can buy to redesign the edges instead of splashing on an elaborate French piece. A good idea is to use ropes and glue to turn an inexpensive plastic-framed mirror into a beautiful interior decoration.

  • Make a statement with your rug choice

Contrary to popular belief, patterned rugs don’t always cost a fortune. They give the room the impression of having a designer’s touch it may have lacked. Pick designs that compliment artwork, images and furniture in the living room. The best way to incorporate this feature is to place the rug square with a coffee table in the centre of the living room, and facing the sofa to bring it all together.

  • Choose the right paint hue

One of the most difficult decisions you make when designing your home, especially the living room is the color to paint the walls because the color pattern of the house will be based off this. If you want a luxury home, some colors are more effective.

For high impact, chose two colors with one being bold/dramatic and the other understated/soft hues. “A great color to use for interior doors is black,” says Jay Himmel, Co-President at Himmel’s Commercial Doors in New Orleans. “Black automatically adds an expressive feeling that doesn’t cause any damage to your wallet. Include some black accessories to the rooms to complement the overall design”.

  • Try dark wood in the bathroom

Most modern bathrooms feature grey and white palette, but dark-wood ensures your bathroom looks stylish and luxurious. For example, you could try a modern vanity to add deep tone to brighten the space into a unique boutique area.

  • Choose pillows

Pillows in your home should serve two purposes, if chosen appropriately.  First, they enhance the look of elegance and secondly, provide extra comfort for you and your guests. The comfort aspect is clear if you choose large, cosy pillows that guests can rest on. When shopping pillows, avoid the common 12-18 inches and pick stuffed 22-inch pillows.

  • Integrate your tech with the design

We live in an internet age, so tech devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, routers and wireless sound systems are a part of every living room. Hide cables and blend devices such as the television with living room décor. Use a bright coloued frame to highlight the TV in the room based on the primary colour scheme in the home.

  • Window treatment

A Baltimore home lacking window treatments looks cheap and unfinished. Thankfully, they are an affordable purchase that adds elegance to your home and provides privacy from prying eyes.

Make smart choices when choosing window elements by picking line drapers with colorful patterns that look expensive even when the price is cheap. Good materials include linen, natural silk and cotton. If you don’t like drapers use wood blinds or bamboo shades to make your home look well-designed.

In conclusion, the context and story creates the foundation of luxury in any home. The furniture you choose doesn’t have to be expensive; neither do you need over-the-top chandeliers looming over you to create an elegant space. Declutter, choose the right paint colors, ensure every item complements the overall design and let your personality shine through for it to feel like home.

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