Dive into the world of modernist design with Zoliborz Apartment, a stunning 818 ft² (76 m²) family apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Redesigned in 2021 by Mili Młodzi Ludzie, this chic space pays homage to the influential Bauhaus movement while offering contemporary living at its finest.

Located in a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, this apartment combines geometric shapes, simple materials, and bold accents to create a truly unique living experience.

About Zoliborz Apartment

Bauhaus-Inspired Aesthetics for a Family Apartment

A couple with a small child and a deep appreciation for architecture own the 818 ft² (76 m²) apartment. They desired a design influenced by the century-old Bauhaus aesthetic. Their love for modernism shines through in the apartment’s geometric shapes, straightforward materials, and muted primary colors enhanced by bold contrasting accents. Terrazzo dominates the space, while large wall surfaces showcase the owners’ art collection.

Open Living Space with Geometrically Defined Zones

The apartment boasts a bright and open living space, with the kitchen, dining room, and living room distinctly separated by geometric, movable walls. A multitude of windows bathes the space in natural light throughout the day.

Curated Furniture Selections and Bold Bathroom Designs

Carefully chosen furniture plays a significant role in the project. In the dining room, a round table with a wooden base pairs with simple, colorful chairs and a crystal lamp that nods to Bauhaus designs. Instead of a television, the living room features a projection screen. The bedroom’s design embraces geometric simplicity.

In the bathroom, terrazzo, a marble washbasin top, and black fixtures and accessories make a strong statement. The second bathroom is dominated by an orange hue, strikingly contrasting with grays. Throughout the apartment, simple geometric divisions and vibrant colors pay homage to the Bauhaus aesthetic.

Photography by ONI Studio

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