In the picturesque southern area of Trento, Italy, the ZM Apartment stands as a beacon of contemporary design. Crafted by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti in 2020, this apartment combines the serenity of private garden views with custom-made furniture.

Melding spaciousness with natural elements, its design seamlessly brings the outdoors in, offering a tranquil retreat amidst the urban setting.

About ZM Apartment

Introducing the ZM Apartment Oasis

Nestled within a modern multi-family home in Trento’s southern region, the ZM apartment offers tranquility amidst urban hustle. A private garden buffers the property from a bustling road, gifting the residence with verdant vistas.

Bespoke Furnishing Breathes Life

Focused on custom-made furniture, the design caters to the living, sleeping, and outdoor areas. Expansive windows feature built-in seating, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. They not only magnify the garden’s serene view but also accommodate additional guests when needed.

Nature-Inspired Interiors

Influenced by the home’s spatial dynamics, the prominent French doors artfully present the garden. Here, plants combat noise and pollution. The interior palette borrows from the outdoors. Hints of green grace select furniture, striking a balance against the crisp white Venetian floor (also adorning the patio). Conversely, wood dominates the dining ensemble, infusing warmth and character.

Blurring Boundaries

The garden seems to permeate the interiors, especially with the kitchen island’s sleek black lacquer finish. Furthermore, an attention-grabbing fireplace near the entrance radiates a welcoming warmth throughout the main living space.

Sleeping & Bath Spaces: A Study in Relaxation

The bedroom zones encapsulate serenity, with wood adorning floors and walls. In contrast, the bathrooms showcase Venetian flooring and enamelled walls, highlighting elegance and simplicity.

Luminous Details

A select array of LED track lighting, subtly recessed from the ceiling, illuminates the home. These fixtures bathe walls in soft luminescence, crafting a moody yet abstract ambiance. Enhancing evening illumination, additional spotlights pierce the darkness. Above the dining table, an eye-catching chandelier beckons, signifying a space of familial bonding and shared narratives.

Photography courtesy of Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

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