Amid the bustling cityscape of Hangzhou, China, WILD BACK emerges as an urban oasis, marrying modernity with traditional allure. Designed by the visionary team at Pig Design in 2023, this unique property stands between the tranquil West Lake and the vibrant city pulse.

With a sprawling area of 2,000 square meters (approximately 21,528 square feet), it offers a distinct fusion of nature and commerce. Diners and visitors are invited into a wilderness experience that transcends the confines of the urban setting, tapping into the age-old relationship between man and nature.

About Wild Back

PIG DESIGN’s Natural Touch

From the start, PIG DESIGN has always loved mixing nature with timeless style. They work hard to create places full of energy, sunlight, memories, and fun. Their designs help connect nature with areas like business, culture, and city life.

WILD BACK: A Mix of City and Nature

WILD BACK sits in a perfect spot, right between the calm West Lake and the busy city. Here, rocks, grassy hills, and mountains blend together, making a peaceful escape. As people walk around, they feel like they’re on an exciting outdoor adventure.

WILD BACK is right at the entrance of the Huanglong World Trade Center and takes up 2,000 square meters (about 21,528 square feet). It’s not just a new outdoor spot in Hangzhou; it’s a place where people can eat, try out new gear, and join fun activities. WILD BACK wants to give everyone a chance to connect with nature and find their inner spirit.


SNOW PEAK, a big name from Japan, has set up shop here too. They share WILD BACK’s love for nature. Together, they’re building a community that loves and respects the outdoors.

PIG DESIGN did a great job with the look and feel of GRILL&EATERY, WILD BACK’s restaurant. It fits right in with both SNOW PEAK’s love for the outdoors and WILD BACK’s wild theme. The restaurant’s design is fresh and different but still feels like a PIG DESIGN project because of its nature theme.

Nature at the Heart of Design

PIG DESIGN knows how to make commercial buildings feel flexible and natural. They add small public spaces that make the buildings feel more open and connected to the city. These spots also let people see and chat with one another, making the city feel more friendly.

A low wall with the brand’s logo is both pretty and useful. It’s a sign and a place to sit. Overhead, there’s a cover that reminds people of natural shelters they might find outdoors. It stretches out 1.4 meters (about 4.6 feet) to give some protection from rain and sun.

Windows that fold open help connect the inside and outside. Inside WILD BACK, there are big rocks and tree branches that make the place feel lively and close to nature.

Simple and Natural Design

Designer Li Wenqiang believes in being unique. He started with a simple idea for a dining table, which set the mood for the whole space. WILD BACK is all about getting back to the basics and enjoying the simple things in nature.

Next door, SNOW PEAK’s special spa, designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma, uses a lot of logs. This design makes you feel like you’re deep in the woods. At the same time, WILD BACK’s building style looks like a cozy cabin, which stands out in a good way.

For PIG DESIGN, good design is about understanding people and making things that feel right. They avoid anything too fancy and focus on the basics. They use simple items to help divide spaces and let materials show their natural beauty.

Good branding can help a business do well. The big challenge is drawing people in and making them stay. PIG DESIGN believes that a brand’s success is all about how people feel when they’re there. WILD BACK taps into our natural desire to be close to nature, pushing for a future that respects and protects the environment.

Photography by Qi Shuoqian

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