Discover the contemporary and sophisticated design of the Vitra Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by WF Arquitetos in 2016, this luxurious 600-m2 (640 sq yd) apartment is located in the iconic Vitra Building, designed by the distinguished Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind.

With creative solutions and imported pieces, WF Arquitetos have adapted the project to meet the needs of a family of four, providing them with a unique, cozy and stylish atmosphere.

About Vitra Apartment

WF Architects Transform Apartment in Vitra Building into Sophisticated Family Home

Located in the Itaim neighborhood of São Paulo, the Vitra Building is one of the most recent architectural icons of the capital, designed by distinguished Polish architect Daniel Libeskind. This unique structure drew the attention of a couple with a two-year-old daughter and another child on the way. Art and architecture lovers, they purchased a 600-m2 (6,458 ft²) apartment and enlisted the talent of Beatriz Fujinaka and Stephanie Nigri Wolff of WF Architects to adapt the original project plan to meet the needs of their growing family.

Fluid Layouts and Creative Solutions

The architects faced several challenges in transforming the large, irregular and asymmetric area into a home that was both functional and stylish. With external walls making irregular corners and round pillars spread throughout the living room and bedrooms, they opted for fluid layouts that allowed for furniture to be placed harmoniously. A low leather poof divided the living room and TV room, while the shower area was designed with wide dimensions to create a private spa. An indoor garden was also incorporated, with a wood lath-work ceiling that simulated zenithal natural lighting and a dry garden with plants requiring minimal water and light.

Oak Coating and Imported Features for Added Warmth

To provide warmth to the place, the architects covered the coating and walls of the social area with oak, which could also be found on the floors and in the bedroom area. Rugs, fabrics and curtains added a pleasant touch, while a marble bench ran the living room perimeter inspired by the architectural style of the building. The carpentry of WF Architects was a highlight, with a 4-meter (13.12 ft) length sideboard that looked like it was crossing a round column to provide lightness to the area. The walls of the hallway leading to the bedrooms had panels coating with Ash leaf, responsible for the lighting, while imported pieces such as Flag Halyard armchairs, an Alceo dining table, Mills chairs and side tables, a pendent by Jason Miller, linen sofas, blue leather armchairs and a Giuseppe Manzoni armchair lent a sophisticated feel to the home. Finally, pieces by Brazilian designers Campana Brothers and Vik Muniz added a local touch.

Photography by Gabriel Arantes

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