Villa Wood in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a modern wooden house that is a perfect example of how to live and build sustainably. Designed by Nord Architects in 2019, this ‘living laboratory’ of modern and sustainable building types aims to have a low climate footprint, but maximum impact on life quality and a healthy indoor climate.

With CLT elements in mass-timber, Villa Wood can be customized to meet the needs of different families with varying living patterns and preferences. This house is also designed for disassembly, so all parts are potentially destined for reuse.

About Villa Wood

Villa Wood: A Modern and Sustainable Wood House

Villa Wood, located in the suburbs of Copenhagen, is an excellent example of modern and sustainable living. Designed through digital programming and built with mass-timber elements, this archetypal wood house is perfect for families with diverse lifestyles and preferences. The house is a “living laboratory” for sustainable building types that aim for a low carbon footprint and maximum impact on indoor air quality and life quality.

Customizable Wood Elements for a Healthy Indoor Environment

Partner and architect at NORD Architects, Morten Rask Gregersen, who lives in Villa Wood, explains that mass-timber elements (CLT) can be customized in many variations to match different living patterns. The 3D detailing and digital production methods used in building the house allow for the efficient management of larger developments and individual co-creation for smaller housings. The flexibility, co-creation, and optimization elements used in building this living and creative laboratory make it perfect for sustainable living.

Advantages in Construction and Scalable Design

The Villa Wood is designed for disassembly, meaning that all parts are potentially destined for reuse. The house is built with solid wood elements that can be assembled in a few days, reducing construction costs and weather impact. The compact nature of the solid and stable wood element, the easy assembly, low material waste, and light weight make sustainable living evident.

Charring Method and Exterior Cladding for a Unique Aesthetic

The Villa Wood is clad with charred pine, a traditional Japanese form of protection that replaces the use of toxic impregnation (shou sugi ban). This method is also used by the Vikings to protect their wood constructions. The charring method sharpens the profile and geometry of the volume, making it distinct and unique.


Villa Wood is a perfect example of how modern technology can be used to create sustainable and archetypal designs for comfortable living. The customizable wood elements, charring method, and efficient building methods make it easy to create a unique living space while still minimizing its impact on the environment.

Photography by Adam Mørk

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