Villa Petra by Bomori Architetti, a vacation rental villa in Modica, Italy, merges ancient charm with contemporary design.

Originating from the early 1000s and nestled in Sicily’s historic heart, it offers a unique blend of minimalistic style and traditional Sicilian architecture, enhanced with modern furnishings and outdoor redesigns, including a serene water feature.

Modern interior with wooden accents, mezzanine, and minimalist furniture.
Modern kitchen with sleek wood cabinetry and minimalist design.
Minimalist bedroom with white decor, exposed beams, and a large window.
Rustic outdoor dining area with stone walls and wooden furniture.
Elegant outdoor dining setup with rustic table and wicker chairs near a stone wall
Modern outdoor pool with wooden deck and lush greenery.
Outdoor living space incorporating natural rock formations, a wooden deck, and a small pool
Elegant patio with red walls, white windows, and wooden seating.
Outdoor patio with chair, table, and view of hillside buildings.

About Villa Petra

Discovering Villa Petra in Historic Modica

In Eastern Sicily, nestled in the heart of Modica’s historic center, Villa Petra emerges from an ancient dwelling. This unique villa, crafted from a centuries-old habitat, showcases a blend of history and modernity.

A Fusion of Past and Present

The ground floor, entirely carved into rock (locally known as ‘timpa’), dates back to the early 1000s. Interestingly, the villa’s first-floor expansion and its distinctive external stepped connection are of a more modern era.

Minimalistic Transformation

The renovation focused on transforming the property into a welcoming guest structure. Designers meticulously preserved the site’s original character while minimally altering it. They reimagined the interior layout and modernized the facilities, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new.

Contemporary Design Meets Traditional Charm

Custom furniture, strategic lighting, and the redesign of outdoor spaces define Villa Petra. The addition of a pergola and a reflective water feature, alongside carefully selected plants, creates a contemporary, inviting setting. This harmonious environment perfectly complements the villa’s unique historical essence.

Photography by isulatravel

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