Villa Olgiata is an eclectic home located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2022 by MGK Studio.


We are in Rome, within the exclusive Olgiata district. The intervention involved the restyling of a 1980s villa, the redefinition of services and a new general concept to make the environments more functional and adherent to the stylistic needs of the new client.

The interior design maintains the conformation of the original villa unchanged, aiming to accommodate and enhance collections of furniture and works of art. The living room, the vital hub of the project, is characterized by the installation of gilded volumes that, articulate the space, serving as equipped walls and exhibition wings. Iron, wood, concrete and gold are mixed, suggesting now a classic flavor, now a contemporary one. Designer furnishings, including Edra’s Standard sofa, Riva’s Coffee Tables, Cattelan’s Metropol Madia or Le Corbusier’s Lampe de Marseille, artist Roberta Morzetti’s resin sculptures NARCOTICA and APNESYA, Finnish artist Karin Bjorklund’s works, Oscar Roberto Aciar’s wire sculpture, and furniture accessories contribute to accentuate the eclectic connotation of the project.

The strong identity of the landlord, who is actively involved within Hollywood film productions, also emerges, hence the collection of action figures, posters and neon to recall the Marvel world.

Photography courtesy of MGK Studio

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