Discover the Villa of The Woods, a modern minimalist retreat nestled in the pine forests of Da Lat, Vietnam. This 2022 project by APS Concept provides a unique experience of connecting people with nature.

Large windows, neutral tones and rustic-yet-modern interiors combine to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. The outdoor living area includes a large BBQ table surrounded by the forest and provides a perfect spot for families to play and relax. The Woods is a true contemporary forest resort, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the simple things.

About Villa of The Woods

The Connection Between People and Nature: The Woods Resort in Da Lat

In today’s world, the connection between people and nature is often lost. Fortunately, urban tourists have a favorite choice for reconnecting with nature – the resort experience. The Woods, also known as Villa of The Woods, is located on a slope in the middle of a typical pine forest in Da Lat. The design team chose to blend the building into the landscape, prioritizing the natural over a strange construction form.

Inspired by a house that exists with nature, not separate, the house is divided into three main blocks and uses natural wood architecture with deep tones. Glass bricks are used in the middle of the two blocks to blur the gap between the interior and the exterior, making the overall house softer and more modern.

Interior Design and Connectivity to Nature

The house is divided into three main parts: indoor common space, outdoor living area and bedroom. The common living space is located at the entrance with the main material being concrete, creating an airy, highly interactive feeling, while the bedroom is located at the back and upstairs to ensure privacy with the main material being wood to help guests feel warm and close. All rooms are arranged to have a view overlooking the pine forest, providing a connection with the surrounding nature.

Large windows are arranged to let the sunlight in and provide views of the forest from many angles. From the first floor stairs to the attic floor is covered by a large glass frame that helps to expand the view to the outside. From the attic, it is easy to connect to the terrace space – where you can see the entire pine forest. The interior is designed in a minimalist Nordic style, using floors, walls, ceilings and tiles with gentle, warm neutral tones.

Outdoor Spaces and Forest Atmosphere

The Woods also has a spacious outdoor space with wooden floors and a large BBQ table in the middle of the pine forest – an ideal place for families with children who love to run, jump or play together in large, open spaces and the typical airy atmosphere.

Conclusion: Villa of The Woods is an Ideal Forest Resort

The Woods stands out mainly for its simplicity, harmonizing the separation between nature and a construction work while featuring many modern amenities. The design team built the house as a place to return to the simplest of things, enjoying a special connection with mother nature.

Photography by Quang Tran

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