Villa Diwani in Sharjah, UAE, emerges as a contemporary masterpiece by Shape Architecture, where the elegance of modern design meets the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy. Commissioned by art connoisseurs, this villa is a sanctuary where functional living spaces become a celebration of calligraphic art.

As one steps into Villa Diwani, they enter a world where every corner tells a story, each element a tribute to the rich cultural tapestry of the region. The villa is not just a residence but a visionary canvas displaying calligraphy in its most artistic forms, designed in 2023 to become a landmark of cultural homage.

About Villa Diwani

Villa Diwani: A Cultural Architectural Gem

In Sharjah, UAE, Villa Diwani stands as a stunning fusion of architectural elegance and the artistry of Arabic calligraphy. Commissioned by enthusiasts of the art form, the villa intertwines functional living with an appreciation for calligraphic beauty.

The Owner’s Passion Embodied in Design

The villa’s aesthetic reflects the owner’s dedication to calligraphy, showcasing a commitment to its celebration within a modern dwelling. Furthermore, Villa Diwani blurs traditional lines, transitioning into a living canvas where architecture narrates stories of calligraphic splendor.

Calligraphy as the Essence of Home

Moreover, Villa Diwani embodies calligraphy in its diverse forms, with the collaborative efforts of artists and architects crafting a space where art adorns and defines. Original works transform through stone, metal, and glass mosaics, ensuring art is not merely displayed but is a fundamental part of the home’s character.

Sculpting Spaces for Artful Living

Approaching the villa, guests are greeted by a white stone façade featuring intricately carved Kufic script, a prelude to the artful journey within. The central axis of the villa gives way to thoughtfully arranged courtyards, each with its purpose. Consequently, the living room’s majestic scale opens to an inviting outdoor terrace and pool, while the private majlis courtyard provides a secluded retreat for contemplation and conversation.

Villa Diwani exemplifies how calligraphy can animate architecture, creating a home where every detail is in dialogue with art. After its completion, artists continue to curate spaces within and around the villa, reinforcing the notion that Villa Diwani is not just built but is woven with artistic collaboration, achieving a seamless balance of form and function.

Photography by Shoayb Khattab

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