Villa DF in Waasmunster, Belgium, a 1987 house, emerges anew under Juma Architects‘ vision in 2023. Zinc roofing redefines the structure, complementing the new brick facade and integrating seamlessly with nature. An elevated swimming pool and a harmonious pavilion extend the allure, capturing the essence of contemporary design.

About Villa DF

Revitalizing a 1987 Home: A Contemporary Transformation

Our journey begins with a 1987 house, reborn through a contemporary renovation. Juma Architects skillfully replaced the old roof ridges with modern zinc roofing. Furthermore, they used zinc on some facades, lending the house a unique, austere quality.

Blending Nature and Architecture

Moreover, new brick facing refreshes the house’s appearance, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding natural beauty. Additionally, the back swimming pool, strategically elevated, maximizes sunlight exposure. Nearby tall trees often shade the area early, making this design choice crucial.

Enhancing Outdoor Living

At the swimming pool’s end, a new pavilion invites extended outdoor enjoyment, offering shelter from the elements. This pavilion, thoughtfully designed, harmonizes with the house’s overall structure, completing this stunning architectural symphony.

Photography by Annick Vernimmen

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