Welcome to Villa Chams, a concrete masterpiece meticulously crafted by Carl Gerges Architects in the historically rich landscapes of Baalbek, Lebanon. Designed in 2020, this house is not just a structure but a sensory narrative entwined with its arid surroundings—from the native flora to the ancient Roman ruins.

With an architectural rhythm that echoes the natural cadences of its setting, Villa Chams offers a seamless blend of interior luxury and environmental serenity. Poured earth concrete walls, rough terrazzo flooring, and strategically placed skylights invite the outside in, creating a dialogue with nature that is as intimate as it is majestic.

Embrace the charm of this Lebanese haven, where every detail is an ode to earthy elegance and tranquility.

About Villa Chams

Villa Chams: A Harmonious Haven

Tucked away amidst Lebanon’s stark beauty, Villa Chams seamlessly embraces its historical setting, from vibrant flora to ancient temples, telling a story through its design.

Melding with the Mountains

At first glance, the villa lies horizontally, harmonizing with its surroundings. Additionally, it mirrors the undisturbed rocks, opuntia, and olive trees against a backdrop of distant mountains, creating a respectful coexistence with nature.

As you draw nearer, a pattern emerges. The villa’s walls and columns create a rhythmic architecture, offering private retreats alongside expansive communal areas. Consequently, the space provides for both reflection and gathering.

Within, each room boasts natural concrete and stonework, fostering an organic sensory balance. As a result, the indoors pay homage to the raw beauty outside.

Sensory Retreat Indoors

The pool, decked with native terrazzo, not only grounds you but also soothes the soles. Water weaves through the villa, finally resting in a tranquil spot framed by natural rock, offering glimpses of the nearby vegetation and the mountains beyond.

Descending into the music and reading room, you engage with a space dedicated to introspection, enhanced by a view that puts you on level with nature.

Above, the bathroom basks in light from a single skylight, where rugged rock contrasts with sleek walls to accentuate the sound of water. Moreover, the villa celebrates the passage of time, allowing materials to age gracefully, adding character.

In Baalbek, the villa’s design takes advantage of the seasons. Here, one can bask in sunlit days or enjoy chilly evenings by a warm poolside fire, making the most of each moment.

In essence, Villa Chams unites all elements of the earth, cultivating an atmosphere of tranquility in tune with the many textures of nature, perfect for a reflective retreat.

Photography courtesy of Carl Gerges Architects

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