Villa Avellana Residencia by SARCO Architects Costa Rica stands as a modern tropical ultra-luxury haven in Guanacaste Province. This award-winning house blends stunning beachfront views with an eco-conscious approach, offering a unique indulgence in luxury living. With meticulous design and guest-centric features, it redefines the standards of high-end real estate.

Villa Avellana exemplifies the seamless integration of opulence and environmental responsibility.

About Villa Avellana Residencia

Villa Avellana: A Modern Tropical Gem

Welcome to Villa Avellana. This creation by SARCO Architects Costa Rica is a modern, ultra-luxury residence. It’s located in the beautiful Peninsula Papagayo. The villa stands out with a design that feels both luxurious and casual. It’s perfect for both owners and guests. Recently, it won awards at the 2022-2023 International Property Awards in London. These include Best Architecture Single Residence in Costa Rica and the Americas.

Nature and Design in Harmony

Villa Avellana faces a unique challenge. It’s built on three connected properties at the end of a cul-de-sac. The design focuses on the stunning ocean views. The house’s main wing gives a floating illusion over the social areas. This adds to the visual appeal. The design also includes a split-level layout. This enhances the beauty and fits the property’s slope. Plus, the swimming pool has an amazing beach view.

The yoga pavilion adds more charm. It’s at the top of the hill, blending with the surroundings. A beautiful staircase leads up to it. This design reduces impact on the environment and looks great.

Focused on the Guest Experience

At Villa Avellana, guest comfort is key. Every part of the villa aims to make stays memorable. The layout lets guests enjoy without any disturbances. Even the supply delivery is discreet.

The villa has a special air conditioning system. It’s designed for comfort and style. For example, the living and dining areas have a ceiling that hides the air slots. This makes the airflow quiet and comfortable.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

Sustainability is important at Villa Avellana. The floors are made of eco-friendly porcelain tiles. The wood used is 100% certified sustainable teak. Even the stone accents come from local sources. This approach reduces the environmental impact.

Saving Energy in Style

The villa is designed to be energy-efficient. It uses strategies like roof overhangs and special glazing to reduce heat. The air conditioning is energy-efficient too. All lighting is LED, which saves energy.

Quality in Every Detail

Building Villa Avellana was a team effort. We combined different design elements for a great outcome. Our use of BIM modeling helped coordinate the project. This approach made sure every detail was perfect.

An Internationally Acclaimed Masterpiece

Villa Avellana’s awards show our dedication to quality. It’s a proud moment for us. This villa is not just a beautiful design. It also sets new standards in luxury and sustainability.

Photography courtesy of Sarco Architects Costa Rica

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