Nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Bruges, Belgium, VH. Residence is a 16th-century manor transformed by Simon de Burbure Architects.

Fusing modern technology and design with historic charm, this architectural masterpiece boasts 2,100 square meters (22,604 square feet) of living space across three floors. Explore the enchanting world of VH Residence, where the old meets the new in perfect harmony.

About VH. Residence

A Unique Architectural Challenge: Renovating a 16th Century Manor

Belgian architect Simon de Burbure faced an unparalleled challenge when tasked with renovating a 16th-century manor house in the historic center of Bruges, Belgium. With a simple hand-sketched drawing of the building facade, de Burbure secured the opportunity to conceptualize and create a truly extraordinary property.

Navigating Heritage Regulations and Ancient Structures

From the outset, de Burbure encountered several complexities: three 400-year-old houses merged in the 18th century, which had not been renovated since 1880, and the strict heritage regulations in a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. Despite these obstacles, he found inspiration within the constraints, ultimately transforming the building into a modern masterpiece.

Weaving Modern Technology into a Historic Setting

Integrating modern technology, such as ventilation, floor heating, home automation, and lighting, into the ancient structure proved to be a significant challenge. However, de Burbure successfully combined these elements, striking a perfect balance between old and new.

VH Residence: A Hidden Gem in Bruges

VH Residence, located in the heart of Bruges, is surrounded by historic architecture showcasing the city’s brick Gothic style. While the exterior maintains a subtle, unassuming appearance, the interior reveals a rich blend of materials and attention to detail, from the entrance hall to the lush green garden.

A Harmonious Blend of Old and New

Spanning 2,100 square meters (22,604 square feet) across three floors, VH Residence combines original spaces with two newly built structures. Only three protected rooms remain untouched, with the rest of the building undergoing extensive restoration and reconstruction.

A Tour of the Refined Interior

The ground floor houses an entrance hall, guest toilets, two living rooms, kitchen, conservatory, spa and fitness area with swimming pool, and a garage. The second floor features a master suite, two guest bedrooms with bathrooms, and a massage room. The former attic space now serves as a bar and billiard room, while the basement houses a wine cellar. The 3,500-square-meter (37,673-square-foot) garden boasts terraces, rebuilt brick walls, and a blend of old and new greenery.

Architectural Imprint: Seamlessly Merging Old and New

De Burbure’s architectural imprint is evident in the new structures, where contemporary design forms a cohesive unit with the older sections. The architect has created a unique experience, with streamlined spaces that seamlessly flow from old to new and offer surprising contrasts throughout the house.

Design Features for Comfort and Cohesion

Despite its grand size, the house exudes comfort and coziness, thanks to the rounded built-in furniture and curved structural attributes seen in the marble sinks, kitchen fireplace, master bathroom bathtub, and the new wings of the house.

The Transformation of a City Palace

After four years of renovation, VH Residence stands revitalized and inhabited by its owners. De Burbure takes pride in having transformed the dilapidated monument into a stunning city palace.

Photography courtesy of Simon de Burbure Architects

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