Vertes Retreat is a beautiful vacation house located in Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada, designed in 2020 by Woven Architecture and Design.


Vertes Retreat is a vacation home for a family of four located on the Sunshine Coast in BC Canada. The home is perched 30′ above a pristine lake in the form of an L shape plan that hugs the existing rocky landscape. Flat roofs hover above two wings of the home, providing large overhangs and covered outdoor spaces. A one storey wing contains the Great Room, while a two storey wing contains the Garage, Media room and Bedrooms above. Skylights extend the entire length of the circulation paths at both wings of the home, flooding these areas with much needed natural light during the long rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest. Large glass openings throughout the home frame stunning lake views with glimpses of the rocky landscape behind positioned in select locations. The home is at one with the landscape and provides its occupants with a place to play and rest during their escapes from urban life.

Photography courtesy of Woven Architecture and Design

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