Discover the Verena Apartment in Athens, Greece, a two-bedroom wonder reimagined by Point Supreme in 2021. This apartment transcends the usual confines of urban living, offering spatial qualities akin to a single-family home. Its heart is a unique glass-box kitchen, blossoming with plants like a winter garden, centrally situated for a panoramic embrace of the entire space. The living areas, masterfully connected yet distinct, showcase a variety of materials and color palettes, each area presenting its own atmosphere.

With its expansive corridors, interior gardens, and strategic storage solutions, the Verena Apartment elevates apartment living to an art form, harmoniously blending the indoors with the outdoors.

About Verena Apartment

Welcome to a New Kind of Apartment

The Point Supreme team has changed a regular two-bedroom apartment in Athens. They removed all the walls inside. The kitchen now sits in the middle, like a glass box full of plants. It’s right at the entrance, looking out over the open space.

More Space, More Light

They also made the connecting corridor bigger. Now, it’s a large space with comfy seats and a garden inside. It has a stone floor and lots of light. The main bedroom has a special shelving wall and a curtain. When you open them, it joins with the living and dining areas. They also added storage units around the walls. This makes more space in the middle.

Colors and Comfort in Every Corner

Each part of the house has different materials and colors. This makes each area feel special and rich. The design does more than most apartments. It has wide views, indoor gardens, big entrance areas, and paths that wind around. All these things make the apartment feel big and connected to the outside. This makes the Verena Apartment a great place to live.

Photography by Yannis Drakoulidis

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