Experience a modern beach journey at the newly upgraded Under The Tree Beach Club at The Sanya EDITION – a luxury boutique hotel located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, China.

Designed by Various Associates and opened in 2022, this unique getaway embraces local aesthetic features of lush greenery, textured materials in original colors, and soft lighting that blend with the existing landscapes and protected trees on the site.

About Under the Tree

Experience Hainan’s Unique Vibe at The Sanya EDITION

Located in Haitang Bay, The Sanya EDITION enjoys a first-class beach and a stunning sea view. Natural coconut groves create an atmosphere unique to Hainan that offers guests an unprecedented leisure experience. Each EDITION hotel reflects local aesthetic features while embracing the iconic brand identity. At The Sanya EDITION, visitors can expect lush greenery, textured materials in original colors, and soft lighting.

Various Associates Upgrade Beach Club with Low-Impact Design Interventions

The project aimed to bring tastefulness, coziness and relaxation through socializing areas that incorporate the inviting natural landscape of SANYA along with the aesthetics of EDITION into its design. Through low-impact interventions on site, new structures blend seamlessly with existing plants as they echo across Haitang Bay’s azure waters among coconut groves.

Introducing Young Fashionable Lifestyle Activities

The hotel sought creative design strategies to refresh and activate their beach area for socializing activities so it could become a landmark destination within Haiti Bay or even further out in the city. With this renewed club comes freedom for bar goers, sunbathers swimmers and volleyball players alike to join together without feeling blocked from one another while remaining comfortable within their boundary zone. Upbeat DJs provide music from afternoon onwards creating a vibrant environment during both day and night time hours alongside various other beach activities available to guests throughout their stay at The Sanya EDITION Hotel & Beach Club.

“Under the Tree Beach Club”: Connecting Guests With Nature through Bamboo Weaving

This concept conveys how Various Associates wanted visitors to feel comfortable yet unrestrained as they explore what lays beneath these continuous bamboo woven structures consisting of five overlapping tree canopies formed in different heights but all organic shapes naturally merging into nature’s beauty surrounding them. These “trees” are scattered around sunken booths connecting each activity area amongst themselves forming a rendezvous full of joyous energy from early morning until late evening when light is emitted upwards from steel skeletons wrapped in bamboo strips making them look like patterns of leaves giving off poetry vibes everywhere you glance up above your head. Additionally, every structure was made by hand over multiple days by experienced craftsmen ensuring pure visual effects were achieved without disrupting any part of nature nor taking away any sense of privacy expected by visiting guest s either inside or outside private booths located around water pools allowing people wanting some extra intimacy during their stay here more than welcome too!

Nature Friendly Materials Used Everywhere Onsite

For this project, Many natural locally sourced materials were used such as bamboo wood & recycled pebble wash paving stones which contribute towards sustainability adding environmental protection levels not commonly found anywhere else ranging between luxury boutique hotels today ! Moreover, each canopy has been designed purposely lower down providing perfect backdrops ideal for photo – shooting opportunities whilst main bar counters have been set up centrally shaped like giant trunks circulating movement around bartenders enabling better needs capturing procedures taken care off efficiently throughout service operations provided for customers needing assistance!

Photography by SFAP

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