Discover the Two-Story Modern Gable Home, a stunning house located in Seattle, Washington. Designed by the renowned Floisand Studio Architects, this home underwent a comprehensive remodel to create a spacious and modern family home that accommodates urban density challenges.

The project also showcases how older homes can be transformed to meet the changing needs of their owners.

About Two-Story Modern Gable Home

Comprehensive Remodel: Creating Space and Adapting to Changing Needs

A comprehensive remodel has transformed a quaint 1,800-square-foot split-level home in Seattle’s Exposition Heights neighborhood to accommodate the changing needs of a growing family. Lily, who has owned the house for twenty years, bought the house right out of college. Fast forward ten years, Lily’s family expanded as she married James, had two children and a dog. With the family’s growing needs and the desire to remain in their beloved neighborhood, Lily and James turned to the creative team at Floisand for a transformation that would allow the entire family to thrive.

Optimizing Vertical Space and Designing for Urban Density

Floisand’s team designed a comprehensive plan to optimize the property’s vertical possibilities, allowing them to add more bedrooms and separate baths on a new second story. The existing first-floor framing and basement were restructured to support the additional story, creating much-needed space for the family. The architects reimagined the main floor, creating open spaces for the entry, living, dining, and kitchen areas. The basement was cleverly converted into an ADU, while the garage was shifted north and a family room was added above it, providing a new south-facing backyard for the kids and dog to enjoy.

Creating a Modern Look While Preserving Charm

Despite the modern upgrades, Floisand’s creative team was careful to preserve the house’s charm. They relocated the main entry to the front of the house, away from its previous location off a skinny sideyard, and created a new space that accommodates urban density challenges. The remodel demonstrates how older homes can be adapted to meet the changing needs of their owners while preserving the charm and character that made them special in the first place.

Photography courtesy of Floisand Studio Architects

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