Discover the stunning TRH 14 apartment in Moscow, Russia, designed by the talented Architectural Studio RE. This Japanese-style residence, completed in 2021, seamlessly blends the Japandi design elements with modern living.

Explore how the designers have transformed a once-dark corridor into a bright, welcoming space that connects private and public areas, striking a balance between openness and privacy.

About TRH 14

Tackling the Dark Corridor Challenge

The primary challenge of this space was a lengthy, dim corridor connecting the two wings – the left wing featuring private areas and the right wing housing public spaces.

Embracing the Japandi Design Style

This project beautifully showcases the Japandi, or Japanordic, design style. The corridor’s monotony was broken up with glass blocks, and it now ends with a brightly lit hall.

Balancing Openness and Privacy in a Modern Home

The contrasting scale and lighting strike the perfect balance. Drawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese house, the space is open and airy, yet each private area can be easily separated when desired.

Photography courtesy of Architectural Studio RE

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