This traditional eclectic house, located in Turin, Italy, is the embodiment of luxury and non-replicability. Vemworks Architects has fused classic styles with contemporary art to create a unique vision of luxury, and has expertly blended elements of design, craftsmanship and custom-made pieces to create a space that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Located in the historically rich city of Turin, this house is an exquisite example of the Vemworks Architects’ design trait, creating a poetic and classic atmosphere that is truly luxurious.

About Traditional Eclectic House

Revitalizing a Historic Building: The Unique Luxury of Vemworks

From classic styles to contemporary art, Vemworks has mastered the art of skillful harmony in their exclusive private residence project in Turin, Italy. This 19th century building was revitalized by the architectural language of Vemworks and transformed into an atmosphere of refined, poetic and classic elements.

Craftsmanship and Custom Made Design

The interior design of this Palazzo was created with clear classical stylistic features and carefully crafted with custom-made furniture and other artistic artefacts made on site. Vemworks’ vision of luxury lies in creating something unique and unrepeatable; true luxury is non-replicability.

Inspiration from Unrelated Contexts

The design of this project was inspired by other experiences, drawing on contexts that are totally unrelated to the project. This creative vision manages to bring together many worlds and exemplifies Vemworks’ ability to create something truly unique.

Photography courtesy of Vemworks Architects

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