Discover the architectural marvel of TM House, designed by Inception and perched in the rustic embrace of Lamelas in Santo Tirso, Portugal.

Conceived in 2022, this T4 typology home exemplifies a seamless blend of concrete design with its environment. Crafted to honor the interior-exterior continuum, TM House boasts a unique concrete roof that dances with shadows and sunlight, offering a play of spaces that bring its functional elegance to life. Within, the house unfolds in an “L” shape around a tranquil pool, integrating living spaces with nature’s canvas, maximizing sunlight, and framing the rustic beauty of Santo Tirso.

About TM House

Welcome to TM House: Where Design Meets Nature

Situated in the quaint parish of Lamelas, on the verdant slopes of Santo Tirso, TM House offers a serene retreat. Furthermore, its T4 typology is a testament to thoughtful spatial harmony, blending indoor elegance with outdoor beauty.

Embracing its rustic setting, the house showcases a natural concrete roof. Consequently, this design choice crafts a captivating interplay of light and shadow across the exterior patios.

Sunlight and Space: The Heart of TM House

Inside, TM House’s layout is a deliberate ode to sunlight, with each room positioned to capture the day’s essence. Therefore, the interior benefits from an expanded sense of space, enhancing the home’s airy ambiance.

An ‘L’-shaped design leads from the entrance hall to the outdoors, seamlessly connecting to the pool. Moreover, the corridor ushers residents into a generous living area, complete with a kitchen, laundry, and an adjoining patio. On the east, privacy prevails with an office, two ensuite bedrooms, and a luxurious master suite.

Finally, the home’s south side is a celebration of leisure, defined by a pool and living space, complete with a barbecue area — each element conjoining to forge an idyllic outdoor haven.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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