Embrace an enchanting journey to the heart of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, China, where ATLAS Studio reimagines traditional aesthetics in a compelling fusion of old and new with the redesigned Well House Jiayi Miao Hotel.

Set against the majestic Moon Mountain backdrop, this hotel finds its roots in the local ethnic culture and imbues modern design elements to create an immersive experience that simultaneously soothes and awakens the senses.

About The Well House Jiayi Miao

ATLAS Studio’s Revitalized Cultural Brand

ATLAS Studio’s further undertaking in Guizhou province, The Well House, is an amplified embodiment of its brand culture. Committing to the preservation of local culture, this initiative navigates the regeneration of southeastern Guizhou’s lifestyle. This endeavor nurtures a symbiotic relationship with modern lifestyles, inviting a kaleidoscopic view of ethnic culture’s contemporary evolution.

Journey into Deep Mountain: Savoring Tranquility

Moon Mountain’s heartland houses Jiayi, a Miao village nestled along a long, narrow ridge. Roughly 1,000 years old and encircled by rice terraces, this village offers cool and refreshing vistas. Accompanied by the advent of a new village, an asphalt road now paves the way to Jiayi, lined with stilted buildings of mixed brick-concrete and wood veneer.

Wellness Oasis in a Post-Pandemic Era

As physical and spiritual healing seeps into our post-pandemic reality, strategies for personal renewal shape the transformation of consumer contexts. Wellness activities like yoga, meditation, and aroma physiotherapy find their perfect setting in the serene environment of Jiayi Miao Village.

Crafting a Circular Lifestyle: A Design Timeline

Site restrictions inspired ATLAS to retrofit four separate houses for the hotel, necessitating the initial demolition of old dwellings. Housing nine guest rooms, a reception center, and a yoga center, these structures invited architectural exploration. Modernizing the southwest timber frame structure, maximizing interior transparency, and designing sound and thermally insulated private access were key. Remote consultations with local carpenters navigated construction challenges. Sustainability guided the design, with old timber reused for indoor flooring, and locally sourced materials like volcanic slate and bluestone utilized extensively.

Bridging Humanity and Nature

The aspiration is an open, embracing building that restores the harmonious dialogue between humans and nature. In this soothing haven, guests wander among quiet forests, nurturing physical and spiritual restoration.

The Art of Subtle Comfort

Boasting a 270° panoramic view, the nine guest rooms invite guests to commune with nature at all times. Comfort is subtly crafted into the design, acknowledging our sensitivity to light and shadow changes. Wayfinding signage, conceived with the VI designer, blends naturally into the environment, creating a sense of historic belonging.

A Local Dialogue: The Power of Inclusion

This project embodies three pillars of responsiveness. Firstly, ATLAS aims to inspire locals to cherish their culture and craftsmanship. Secondly, by revisiting simple rural life, the project propagates sustainable health philosophies. Lastly, the project rallies local government and tourism developers to envisage regional tourism’s beneficial development. Each village’s distinct resources guide the crafting of inclusive design strategies, demonstrating ATLAS studio’s dedication to culturally cultivated, diversified development approaches.

Photography courtesy of Atlas Studio

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