The Waltrovka Residence 2 is a modern home located in Prague, Czech republic, designed by Martina Design.


The designing of an apartment in Waltrovka started with a very quick and intensive meeting with clients who had bought the apartment 2 days before the deadline for client modifications. So, we basically had no space for creating drawings, and we made changes to the project in the form of sketches that were redesigned by the developer.

In some matters, the clients had a clear idea, and in the others, they gave us the trust to work freely. Since we could make interventions in the apartment during the phase of a shell construction, we could also influence the selection of standards and choose certain building elements and connections.

The quality standard of the apartment was higher, which corresponded to the selected project suppliers and the willingness of the developer to make changes.

We have chosen a uniform format and style of floor tiling in the bathroom, lavatory and the entryway, and also of wall tiles in the bathroom and in the lavatory. We could also keep an eye on the tile pattern drawing with the tiling supplier.

In the shower and at the bathtub, we prepared niches for cosmetics with built-in LED strips for illumination and implement concealed faucets with hand showers. The shower screen was made to measure by an external supplier after the apartment was taken over.

We have the 3-layer wooden flooring laid in a uniform direction and we managed to achieve a smooth connection in all rooms without transition strips or cement joints.

In the interior design phase, we suggested an enlargement of the door to the living room in the entryway. Thanks to the clients’ enthusiasm and willingness, we were able to implement this construction work with the developer and its door supplier and thereby lighten and visually enlarge the entryway.

The interior of the apartment was designed tastefully in the style of pure modern elegance by combining white and grey colours. Only in the man’s study room, in the vestibule and in the dressing room, the furniture includes a combination with wooden décor which is otherwise used on the floor in the apartment only.

The materials chosen correspond to the quality level of the project and the whole apartment. Custom-made furniture has lacquered surface, the worktop in the kitchen is made of Neolith, there are concrete effect screeds on some walls. The bed in the bedroom was made to measure, too. LED strips are installed in the headboard as well as sockets and switches, and there are wall lights for reading and bedside tables. The bed and the headboard are made of leather.

The furnishing of the apartment was tailored to the needs of our clients and our designs. Our aim was to create pure yet functional interior that uses the space of the whole apartment practically and will serve its owners well…

Photography courtesy of Martina Design

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