Welcome to The Rock House, a luxurious house in Chennai, India designed by the renowned architect Aamir Sharma.

This 520 sq yard home offers a stunning sanctuary of peace and luxury, designed to ensure optimal natural light and seamlessly bridges the indoors with the outdoors. The interiors are aesthetically pleasing with bespoke furnishings and custom artwork. Each bedroom is uniquely designed to reflect the personality and passions of its residents.

The Rock House is truly a one of a kind luxury house that you won’t want to miss.

About The Rock House

The Rock House – A Beautiful Sanctuary of Peace and Luxury

The Rock House, designed by renowned architect Aamir Sharma of Aamir and Hameeda and executed by Ramcons Turnkey Building Solutions, is a stunning piece of art located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This 520 sq yard home offers a beautiful sanctuary of peace and luxury with its aesthetically pleasing interiors, bespoke furnishings, and custom artwork.

To ensure optimal natural light and bridge the indoors with the outdoors, large windows, skylights, and gorgeous stone detailing were used. The bedrooms, each designed to reflect the personality and passions of its residents, are truly unique and one of a kind. For example, the bedroom of the son, who is a chef, features ice cream artwork that melts to form the table, which is apt for his profession.

The staircase in the Rock House, designed with red concrete and wood planks, leads to the top floors that open out into the entertainment space. The entertainment space features an indulgent spa, bar, and terrace that are evocative of the client’s personality. The spa is washed in pastel shades of green, while the bar is designed of wood and stone, offering the perfect juxtaposition. Splashes of bright red dominate a predominately neutral color palette.

A Unique and Exceptional Pooja Space

The Pooja space in the Rock House is definitely worth a mention. It houses Lord Ganesha, carved out of a rock with rock ledges and stone detailing. There is a small stream of water along the northeast of the prayer space that flows out into a little lotus pond. The sound of running water, the earthiness of the carved rocks, and the openness of the design make this Pooja room quite exceptional.

Overall, the Rock House is a beautiful and unique piece of architecture, designed to perfection to offer its residents peace and luxury. Its design and execution make it a true work of art that is sure to inspire and awe its visitors.

Photography by Ricken Desai

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