In Mohali, Punjab—a city famed for its dynamic urban development—stands The Ribbon House, a contemporary masterpiece designed by Studio Ardete. Spanning 3712 sq.ft, this unique home epitomizes the fusion of art and architecture. With its ribbon-like curves and fluid concrete exterior, it captures the essence of nature while paying homage to the homeowner’s illustrious construction legacy.

About The Ribbon House

A Ribboned Marvel in Mohali

Nestled in Mohali’s sector 82 residential hub, the Ribbon House redefines the neighborhood’s design language. It sprawls over 3712 sq.ft (approximately 344.85 sq.m). This architectural gem not only carves a unique identity for itself and its residents but also pays tribute to the homeowner’s construction legacy. After all, the client, with a vast portfolio of diverse projects, yearned for a dwelling that encapsulates his professional journey.

Nature-Inspired Exteriors

Emulating nature’s fluidity, the “ribbon” gracefully envelops the structure, infusing life into its facade. This flowing concrete exterior captivates both internal dwellers and external spectators. Moreover, as observers trace the sinuous contours, they embark on a visual voyage symbolizing the client’s evolving profession, thereby crafting a narrative of continuity.

Emotion in Architecture

Venturing along these curves, one might marvel at the myriad emotions spaces can evoke. In harmony, the concrete and structure mirror water and solids, crafting a mesmerizing spectacle. Furthermore, the building’s imposing volume gracefully segments into slender curves, inviting ample sunlight and ensuring optimal ventilation. These protruding concrete sections not only offer shade but also sculpt the facade’s distinct character.

Intricacies of the Interior

Inside, design wonders persist. The spiraling staircase stands out, reminiscent of a perplexing puzzle, seamlessly linking vertical spaces. As it unwinds, it beckons inhabitants to higher realms, much like a vessel navigating waters towards uncharted territories. This is a testament to the marvels material experimentation can usher. Balancing these dramatic elements, the interiors exude tranquility with minimalist decor, prompting exploration and problem-solving.

The Ribbon House: An Artistic Statement

“The Ribbon House” champions the raw beauty of concrete while encapsulating the client’s professional narrative. It’s a vivid testament to the material’s versatility, client aspirations, and the architect’s vision. Ultimately, it strives to leave an indelible mark on every beholder.

Photography by Ar. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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