Designed by Maxime Dautresme in 2022, The Ravine is a captivating house in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia that seamlessly blends modern design and traditional elements.

Nestled in the heart of Ubud’s forests, this unique residence transcends the boundaries between the natural and man-made, creating a harmonious retreat that pays homage to Bali’s landscape and rich cultural heritage.

About The Ravine

A Unique Residential Landmark

Nestled in the heart of Ubud’s forests, The Ravine intertwines architecture, nature, and culture to create a residential landmark that transcends the boundaries between the natural and the man-made. Inspired by the steep gorges that shape the area, The Ravine showcases Bali’s deep reverence for its landscape and stands as a tribute to the culture and traditions that have brought it to life.

An Intricate Layered Design

The beauty of this secluded abode lies in its layers, with an intricately designed architecture featuring a foundation of brick, stone, and concrete that softens into wood, bamboo, and leaves for the upper levels. The subdued grain and palette of the materials immerse visitors in spaces reflecting the rawness of the residence’s location. Every line and shape pays homage to Balinese craftsmanship, including bespoke furniture and lighting inspired by the region’s wood carving heritage and traditional instruments.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Experience

The spatial experience blurs the line between indoor and outdoor, as guests are drawn toward the calming greenery surrounding the property. Emulating Bali’s distinctive vernacular architecture, the environment divides itself into public and private areas, featuring courtyards for quiet reflection. Each floor’s layout extends outward to lush vistas of trees, framed by generous openings that respect tropical architecture’s connectivity with nature—a sacred connection in Balinese architecture, shaped by its landscape of forests, rice terraces, and fields.

A Sensorial Journey Through Balinese Culture

At The Ravine, everything is felt and experienced, from the rustling of trees swaying in the wind to the tactile surfaces that engage one’s sight and touch. The richness of Balinese culture flows through every inch of this sensorial space, where visitors become immersed in the natural touch of the divine and the spirit of the landscape expressed in built form and space. The Ravine invites contemplation about our bonds to the earth and helps us remain rooted in ourselves, creating an atmosphere where the natural and man-made architecture seamlessly blend together.

Photography by Tommaso Riva

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