The House Near the Forest is a lovely home located in Poznań, Poland, redesigned in 2022 by Neostudio Architekci.


The space designed for a young family, full of optimism and openness to the world, tries to respond to the needs of silence, intimacy, but also energy and motivation to new challenges.

The owners wanted to adapt the space to their different needs, namely to create a friendly and soothing space that would respond to the needs of each of the household members and giving the space ascetic and timeless aesthetic. The building is located in a green and quiet area, which translated into one of the main design assumptions, which was to open the interior to the outside.

We have used muted tones, neutral materials with varied textures and clean lines to create tranquil space with a strong connection to nature. The home’s cohesive greyscale palette and wooden floors overall gives the illusion of space full of the light.

Photography by Tom Kurek

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