The Heart Rock House is a lovely summer house located in Allgäu, Germany, designed in 2022 by Dieter Weidlich.


Outside a small town, on a 1 hectare wooded property is the strikingly unusual guest or summer house – the Heart Rock House. The name refers to a heart-shaped boulder weighing several tons, which is located on the property.

HRH is a 2 cube house, slightly offset from each other, separated by an atrium and spanned by a solid wood ceiling, whose strongly projecting and curved sides give the house an Asian feel.

HRH is an architecturally designed building in the midst of nature that unites the inside with the outside and vice versa.

The construction consists of about 60% glass, thus ensuring an almost all-round view of the wonderful wooded garden.

Its old trees are complemented by grasses, shrubs and a pond. The pond, 1.40 m deep and 64 m2 in size, literally grows out of the house. It has the appearance of the house floating on the water.

Cube one houses the kitchen and dining room, as well as the bathroom and toilet, which is camouflaged and accessible through a closet door.

Cube two is entirely dedicated to living. However, with a few moves, the generous Edra couch can be quickly transformed into an inviting sleeping island.

The freestanding retro-style wood-burning stove and the strikingly charming dresser by renowned designer Helena Darbujanova complete this romantic space, which is one with nature thanks to the huge window areas.

Since its completion, the HRH has become a regular gathering place of family members and friends – a place of enjoyment surrounded by almost wild nature. Deer, hedgehogs, foxes, a variety of native bird species, as well as frogs and dragonflies are regular guests of the property.

On rainy days, HRH surprises with an extraordinary spectacle: accumulated rainwater on the roof pours spectacularly, resembling a waterfall, into the pond.

HRH is a feel-good oasis whose interior is chicly styled yet homey. A place to relax and feel at home.

By the way, and whoever wants to can float over the pond in a swing.

Photography courtesy of Dieter Weidlich

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