Welcome to “The Earth,” a stunning embodiment of modern design in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by the renowned ZA-ZA Interior Design in 2023, this earth colored apartment presents a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

The Earth’s design not only reflects the latest trends in modern architecture but also complements the unique charm of its Ukrainian setting.

About The Earth

As you enter The Earth, designed by ZA-ZA Interior Design, the modern lines and earthy palette of the living area immediately draw you in. Here, in Kyiv’s heart, the space feels both expansive and intimate.

Sleek Comfort in Urban Kyiv

The living room, cozy and inviting, transitions smoothly to a kitchen where simplicity reigns. Meanwhile, the dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, is a bright spot for family meals under chic pendant lights.

Tranquil Retreats in Beige and Wood

Moving into the bedroom, the mood shifts to tranquility. Likewise, the children’s room, awash in light, offers a playful yet peaceful space for young minds to flourish.

Clever Design in Every Corner

Every corner of The Earth reflects ZA-ZA’s smart use of space, ensuring that this modern apartment is not just seen but felt. Consequently, residents enjoy a perfect blend of form, function, and elegance.

Photography courtesy of ZA-ZA interior design

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